SOLD! FP2 defect, new battery, Berlin

Still working FP2, but major defects.
FP2 bought Jan 2017

Here the details:

  • Top Modul: earphone plug has a bad contact on 1 ear
  • Bottom Modul: defect microphone 1
  • Core Modul: Sim-Card reading problems (connection comes and goes)
  • Display: broken
  • Cover: used. some cracks
  • New battery is from Sept 2018

All together it works as a computer, best with wifi. Making phone calls is almost impossible. So if someone wants to use it as a computer only, or wants to use the spare parts, contact me! I would like to ask for € 35.

I additionally sell a brand new battery, still in original packaging. (€ 15)

I live in Berlin, also wenn du in der Nähe wohnst können wir uns auch treffen… :sunglasses:

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