[Sold] FP2 (2017) for sale

Hey there,
I am selling this 2 year old FP2. Slight scratches on the screen, rest is free of damage.
See picture for exact contents.IMG_20200506_101510

I’d like to have 200€ for this bundle, shipping inside of Germany is 7,49€. (Could also be combined with the FP1 I am selling here if someone wants them both)

If someone’s missing a quickcharge microUSB cable, I can provide that aswell.

(Kommunikation auf deutsch ist natürlich immernoch gegeben :wink: )

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Can you place a photo on the forum when the display of both phone is on and showing the date of today or tomorrow if you can’t do it today?
Just a picture of the 2 boxes won’t do, because a buyer wants to be sure that the phone is working.

And I guess the quickcharge microUSB cable isn’t for the FP2, as you can’t quickcharge the FP2.

I already did the factory reset… IMG_20200506_113901
And with Quickcharge I mean cables with thicker + and - wires (compared to data cables)…

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Could you place a foto of the FP2 with the data of tody showing on the screen?


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Hi Anouschka, I’m very interested! Even for both phones. What MP camera’s are in the phone? Do you have a package price in mind for the whole bunch, so fairphone 1+2+cables+shipping to the Netherlands? Haven’t you encountered any problems with either of the phones while using? What kind of a smartphone user are you? I’m looking for my mom who’s not a intense smartphone user and for a phone that will get her by the next two years at least.

Liebe grüsse, Julia

Hey hey,
FP1 got the standard cameras (first edition, no changes made) and the FP2 should have, according to release date, rear camera V2.
How many cables do you need?
If you target the battery performance, I gotta be honest with you - the FP1 appears waay better to me. (But watch out, getting replacement battery is close to impossible).
If she just needs it for calls and probably an SMS, the FP1 should be fine.
Where does “intense” start? :wink: Is this defined by hours of daily usage?

How about the front camera, is that the 5MP camera? I think I could use 3 cables. How come you don’t need them anymore, or do you have spare in general? I need a price to give my mom, do you have an all in price?

Well yeah, define “intense”; it’s hard right? :thinking: I use my phone to call - average half an hour a day, text, check some social media or online stuff about half an hour a day, take some pictures but mostly i use it for my fitbit and related apps. Most of the time I have my phone somewhere laying around and check it after I had a meal. I don’t define myself as an intense user and my FP2 never really was optimal. So this one I charge sometimes twice a day (depending on the sports I did). I’m in contact with support but they respond very slow at the moment. Anyhow, I prob need to send this one in and right now - in these times - I don’t want to live without my fitbit stats since that’s the one thing that keeps me going so I might need a spare smartphone soon anyway. I guess I define intense as someone who’s very busy with their phone. As to say; has it’s hand glued to it for calls, texts, gaming and social media. I also have my phone on airplanemode at night. so the intense user wouldn’t. Just my definition :wink: So how would you say your offered phones perform in this matter?

When I have a price I can let my mom know and the chances are in your favour that we can seal the deal next week :slight_smile: I don’t mind buying a new spare parts but I would appreciate if you’d take that into account for the price.


If you still want to sell the FP2…
Can you ship to Hungary?
Does the microphone work well with speaker mode call?
Could you tell me what is that black bracket on the left?
I see a glass screen protector. Does it fit the screen? Is that brown object next to the screen protector relevant to the phone?
Is there a black protective case, or just an orange one?
Thanks in advance,

Hello there,
it is reserved for Jul, I am expecting her reply if she wanna buy it or not.

I have no idea about the shipping time to Hungary - it would be an insured DHL parcel for 17,99€.
Yes, it does.
Thats the second part of the coral red case.
I have not applied glassprotectors to my FPs as they were claimed to be “scratch resistant”.
It kinda is, it is an amplifier and nightstand -its been 3rd printed to measure with wooden material. (I give it away as a bundle, because it was made to measure for the FP2)
I dont have a protective case, just the “normal” back cover available for the FP2 - as seen on the picture.

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Phone is still up for sale!

Hello @Anouschka ! I’m very interested ! I live in France, and I may pay extra price for shipping.
How can we proceed ?

Phone has been sold.