[SOLD] FP2, 12MP, still working

Fairphone 2, bought used from the Phone Co-op in January 2019, now running Fairphone Open OS v10.22. New battery installed in May 2021. The turquoise case is damaged on one corner.

I’ve used it mainly for web, email, texts, voice calls, photos/videos and bluetooth audio streaming from BBC Sounds to radio. It doesn’t seem to have any serious hardware faults - when I received it the camera was problematic but this was solved by tightening the camera securing screws; maybe these work loose during transport. If you try scrolling up/down too fast in some web pages the browser occasionally crashes.

Price 40 GBP + delivery cost (to a U.K. address because of the complications with sending outside U.K.).



I am interested. I live in Paris.


Oupsss. I did’nt see the last part of your announcement, sorry.


interested, will send you a dm.

I sent you an FP2 a few months ago . I’m happy to do it that way again if it’s OK with you. We could do it with a cheque but the nearest banks where I can pay in a cheque are about 30 minutes drive away, which means it would have to wait until I next go to Exeter/Bridport/Taunton, which isn’t often.