SOLD--FP1U for sale, mostly functional

Dear Fairphoners,

I have to part ways with my FP1U because Android 4.2 just doesn‘t work for me any longer plus phone calls have just gotten a bit difficult as the display switches off. I really liked this phone and hope somebody will make good use of it.
I’ll sell to best offer. Will be glad to communicate in German, English, or bad French. Shipping from Bonn, Germany. Just send me a message if you’re interested.


  • Motherboard replaced shortly before fairphone stopped support
  • Display ok, only one small crack at the bottom (under „back button“) & 1 scratch of 1 cm which I hardly ever notice
  • New replacement battery from amazon (needs spacers, bit of cardboard will do just fine), 1800 mAh (not as strong as the original battery)


  • Micro-USB connector: only good cables will connect, and only if you put weight onto the connector, eg by connecting the cable and then putting a book under the connector, but not under the phone
  • Display switches off as soon as you have dialed a number an hit “connect”. Have not yet tried to fix this by resetting the phone to manufacturers settings because my new phone won’t arrive till Monday or so.
  • Back cover needs to be kept in place with adhesive tape
  • „Used look“, this is not a collectors item but a phone that’s been used in real life. E.g. dents in the white „bumper“, scratches on back plate etc pp.


  • Will include my best-working charging cable (length: 3 m…) in case it’s needed
  • Still have unused screen protector films which I’ll gladly include as well

The phone worked quite well since I bought it in 2014, my wife had a FP1U as well but hers was always much more prone to problems. Mine usually just worked fine. If it were not for Android I’d try to fix the call/display issue and continue using it.

Greetings from the rainy Rheinland,


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I could be interested. I just broke the screen of mine yesterday… How much do you sell it?

Hi Vincent, I was thinking 50 € plius shipping (although that should not be much, I’d just send a padded envelope instead of a parcel.



Hi Christian. Ok for me.

When you receive my money, you can send the phone :slight_smile:

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