[SOLD] FP1 to give away


I’d like to give away my good ol’ Fairphone 1 which I received in the very beginning of 2014. After two years in my personal use it had another two years of service in my wife’s hands. This has left marks, which I kindly ask to ignore or accept.

It has some history:

  • After an accident with electric current from a faulty USB port its mainboard had to be replaced by customer service which actually transformed it from FP1 to FP1U.
  • In 2016 I bought a new battery. Therefore the phone comes with both an old and a new one. While the first is rather done the latter is in pretty solid condition.
  • I flashed CWM recovery and the unofficial KitKat build from chrmhoffmann which, after a factory reset, doesn’t show a launcher anymore. This is a rather small and easily fixable problem and is of course of no interest if the phone shall only serve for spare parts. Nevertheless I don’t want to spent time with this anymore.
  • The USB still works pretty good but its wear is obvious.

I’d send the phone with a parcel service of choice, in this case the buyer has to pay for delivery. Alternatively I can hand it over either in Berlin or in the a city to be disclosed in the Harz. I should find the original invoice somewhere; the IMEIs are told on request.

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