[SOLD] FP1 (spare parts) offered

After 3,5 years of loyal service my Fairphone 1 died this summer. At one point it turned itself off and I couldn’t turn it on again. Also - the device got very hot when I put in a battery. I am not technical enough to fix it or even know what exactly is wrong with it. So for me the search for a new (my second ever) smartphone has started.
I would like to send my broken fairphone to another user who might be able to use parts to repair their own fairphone. It’s a Fairphone 1 from one of the first batches that were sent out in january 2014. The screen is fine but has some small superficial scratches, the casing (especially the white rim) is dented in some places. Both cameras worked just fine untill the phone gave up. There’s really no way of knowing (for me) what parts are broken and what parts still work, but I assume the motherboard is broken. I would like to keep the back-cover, so I will not send that along.
I have two batteries, both from early 2015. One of them works fine and would last me the whole day with moderate use of my phone. The other battery is not good and I used it only as a spare if my phone would run out and I couldn’t charge it. There’s no way of knowing which is the good battery, so I will only send out the two batteries together, and preferably together with the rest of my phone.
If you are interested please leave me a message. oh - I live in the Netherlands, near Utrecht, I work in Amsterdam and Zaandam, if Dutch folks are interested they could maybe pick it up in Utrecht/Amsterdam/Zaandam.

kind regards,

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