[SOLD] FP1 screens for sale

For sale :

  • 1 brand new FP1 screen still in original packaging : €75

  • 1 secondhand FP1 screen, no cracks, works guaranteed : €25

Will ship europewide, buyer pays shipping

Pictures here :


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Hi Friedrich,
I’m interested in buying one of those displays. I also left you a message via your marktplaats ad. Please let me know if you still have one available.

Both the new one and the used one are still available.
Which one would you like and where would you like it sent ?

Hi Friedrich,

great to hear they are still available.

I don’t mind so much which one, if the used one works 100% for sure I would go for the cheaper option at the moment.

If I read correctly you are located in Leiden. Since I’m in Amsterdam my preference would be that I pass by and pick it up directly as soon as possible if that is ok for you.

I want to be able to go back to my normal means of communication as soon as I can.

I could do that anytime tomorrow or monday, even this evening in case you see my message now.

Meanwhile I sent you a personal message with my contacts so you can get in touch with me.

Best, Martin

I would like to buy 1 brand new FP1 screen still in original packaging : €75

Update : Martin Kaffarnik just left my house after jointly installing the secondhand screen on his FP1.
Job done, another FP1 continues to be used daily. :sunglasses:
The Marktplaats ad has been updated accordingly.

Jedernet : the new screen is still available, PM sent.


Another update : haven`t heard a peep from Jedernet, so the new-in-packaging screen is still for sale.
Marktplaatsad is gone.

He (jedernet) might not have been able yet to send private messages when he replied here, so it’s possible he just could not contact you any other way than here in public. In the meantime he reached “Basic User” status (i.e. now able to send messages), but might not have become aware of it yet.

True… he might not be aware of the private message or unable (for a while) to read it.
However : he (Jedernet) didn`t reply in this topic either…

So : whoever contacts me first (be it Jedernet or anybody else) is the person I`ll sell the screen to.

Hi Friedrich
I am with Fairphone 1 since the beginning, however, my really loved FP1 needs a new display/screen.
I would like to buy the secondhand Display for 25 euro, you have to dend it to Switzerland.
Is it still available?

Hi Australia, only the new screen is still availalble, for 75 euro.
Shipping to Switzerland is no problem.

have to think it, give me some couple of days time.

No problem… I`ll have your name first in line for a couple of days .

Hi, is the new screen for 75euro still available? Thank you! Silvia (Italy)

Hi Sylvia, since australia hasnt been in contact for a week its still for sale.

I`ve sent you a private message.

Edit : Sold !
The screen is on its way to Silvia in Italy and some euros are on their way to my bankaccount. :slight_smile: