[Sold] For Sale: Spare Part Fairphone 2

[ENG on top/GER below]
Hey guys, I bought my FP2 in 2016 and want to get rid of it now. It runs okay after resetting the phone every 3 month but after that it gets pretty slow. So think of this phone more of a spare part phone or an extra phone.
It comes with a one year old screen which is cracked unfortunatly but works fine. Also the Top-Modul (2MP) is just about one year old. The battery as well is one year old, although it hardly lives through one day when you use your phone a lot.
If u are interestet or have any question, just aks me :slight_smile:

Hey Leute, ich verkaufe mein FP2, welches ich mir 2016 gekauft habe. Es läuft ganz in Ordnung wenn man es alle drei Monate neu aufsetzt, danach wird es jedoch sehr sehr langsam. Das Handy ist also mehr als Ersatzteillager für euer FP2 zu verstehen, oder als Ersatzhandy maximal.
Akku, Bildschirm und das Top-Modul (2MP) sind nur ein Jahr alt. Der Bildschirm hat allerdings einen Sprung. Trotzdem funktioniert er noch ohne Einschränkung. Der Akku hält, wenn ihr das Handy wirklich viel benutzt, gerade so einen Tag. Der Rest funktioniert jedoch. Falls ihr Interesse oder Fragen habt, schreibt mich gern an

Hi there, I’m interested! I’ll send you a DM as soon as I have time.
How much would you be selling it (or perhaps giving it)?

I was hoping to get 40€ for it because of the investments I made one year ago. Also I still have an 12MP Camera Modul that a friend gave me when he sold his FP2. I never tested it in my phone, but it was working in his. If you are interested I would suggest 60€ in total :slight_smile:

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Could you upload a photo of your phone with the date of Thursday showing, so that one can see the phone works?



If this is still available I am interested - are you able to post to the UK, and how much would this cost?

Hey guys, it’s not aivailable anymore. Thanks for the interest tho and best regards :slight_smile: