[Sold] For sale : FP2 with complications, but new display and 12Mpx camera module


I am selling an original FP2, mainly for the spare parts to be reused.
It is one of the first 17,418. The complication it has had for a few months is the display became less and less responsive. I changed the display, but the problem persisted, so I guess there’s something wrong in the core module.:pensive:

To any one who would need spare parts, there are 3 that I changed more or less recently and are in excellent condition :ok_hand:t3:

  • display (bought in August 2019)
  • camera module 12 Mpx (bought in March 2018)
  • turquoise slim case (bought in August 2017)
    I can hand over any invoice if needed.

All other parts are originals (FP2 bought in July 2016).
The battery needs daily recharging.

Price : 150 euros (offers accepted).
I live in Marseille (France), and I am willing to ship anywhere you live (at your charge).

Here are pictures of the phone from outside and inside :
FP2 for sale.pdf (552.2 KB)

Bonjour Celine,

I’m interested in the display, but only if you are sure that the problem is in the core module. Is there some kind of guarantee you can give? I live in the Netherlands, how much would you like for the display incl. shipping?

Hi @celine, what’s up? I’m anxiously awaiting your reply :slight_smile:

Hey I am interested in the broken core modul.