[SOLD] FairPhone3 for sale! 2 months old, with many accessories, at 450€

Hello everyone,
I sell my 2 months old FairPhone3.

I’m selling it as I don’t find myself well with Android; I come from 10 years of iOS and I’m not satisfied with the user experience. I feel too much the distance from iOS (built for and only for the iDevices) and Android (general mobile OS adapted to each device).
Also, I’m not satisfied about the performances and the software bugs (sometimes earphones and microphone are not working and the FP3 need a reboot).

I bought the FairPhone3 on the FairPhone store, so I can provide the FP invoice.

I’ve kept the FP3 maniacally: always with bumper, with glass screen protector, with USB-C port protector and with jack protector; also, I’ve always charged it with a 5w charge adapter to reduce battery ageing. All letters on the back are present, they are not scratched.

I’ll provide alongside with the FP3:

Considered the age of the phone and the accessories, I sell everything at 450€.
I ship only in EU; I ship for free in Italy.
I accept bank transfer.

Please, contact me for any information.


Here are some photos.
top_protector bottom_protector

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Ciao Robin, potrei essere interessato all’acquisto. Possiamo contattarci in privato?

(I assume you are speaking Italian. Or are you?)


I’ve just sent you a private message :wink:

You should immediately remove the Screenshot with both imei numbers…

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Hello, i know you said you wouldnt ship international, but all i can do ask! I’ll pay shipping if you can ship to the US.

Hello Andrew, I’m sorry but I’ve already sold the FP3.

This topic can be closed now. :wave:

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