[SOLD] Fairphone 2 White - purchased April 2018 - for sale

I’m selling my Fairphone 2, bought April 2018.

I’m selling as I had to switch back to my old iPhone because I’m not tech savvy enough to figure out the android system (rather silly I know)

It is barely used, however there is a slight dink in the corner - I can send more photos and details. I’m asking for £350 for the phone plus postage- I paid £420 for it. I’m really gutted to sell as it’s a lovely handset, I just get so confused with Android system.

I am based in London, UK.

Please message for more info =]

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Hi there, is this phone still for sale, I am very interested. I live in Devon, happy to have it posted. I would be interested to know about the dink, can a picture be taken.

Many thanks,

Bob Mehew

Hey Bob,

The phone is indeed still available - I’ve attached a photo of the corner, otherwise the phone is in good condition and as I said has been barely used. I’ve not got the original box, however have all the original order number details and invoices that I can send to you too and can swap the owner name over so it keeps the warranty etc.

Do let me know if you’re still interested

Thanks, hope you’re well


Thanks Katie! Yes still interested, the dink I can live with! Could you confirm which Android version it is as they switched over recently, apparently this is important!

Also how would you suggest we organise transfer of funds etc so that we are both protected - any ideas?


Lovely! Ooo that is a question! Ha it’s Android version 6.0.1.

And is PayPal ok for you? That’s generally the safest way as then you have proof (if you put on the payment for Fairphone: IMEI: 359069070813466 / 359069070813474 that is the IMEI for this specific phone - it has 2 as has 2 sim slots) think that’ll be the safest way for us both.



Cool Kaite, yes up for paypal! Android version is good (so I am told!). So lets do it, you want to switch to email to finalise it all: bobmehew + gmail.com.

Cheers, Bob

Hi there, do I well assume the phone is gone :confused: ? Please let me know if not! Thanks!!

Hey- yep the phone has been sold. Thanks