[sold] Fairphone 2 For Sale (with white case)


I have one of the first 17,418 Fairphone 2 for sale. I found this to be a very robust phone and have not had any problems with it. I was quite looking forward to having to fix it, but I never had to!

The case is one of the newer white ones. I have very carefully shaved away around the 3.5mm audio jack to allow for a more snug fit. It is barely noticeable cosmetically but makes a huge difference for using headphones.

I received this phone in March 2016 so the warranty is nearly up.

Asking price is 450 euro / £395. Open to offers.

Email gargantuanjon at gmail dot com

I am in Sheffield, UK and willing to send to any EU country.

Money to be sent via Paypal or bank transfer to the UK.



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