[Sold] Fairphone 2 for sale, refurbished

Refurbished, hardly used. £300 plus postage.

I’m interested! When did you buy it? Does it still have warrantie? And can you be so kind t send me some pictures from the display, and from the core module inside? And which kind of camera does it have?

Would be so nice to have a fairphone again, after losing my by water damage…
Thanks for your answer!

And do you know, if there’s a duty for shipping the fairphone to Germany?

Greeting, Malin

Hi, I’m not sure about the warranty but can find out-I bought it from the Phone Coop end of last year. I’ve hardly used it. It’s a standard fairphone 2, do you can find out the specifications easily enough. I don’t know how much postage is to Germany.


Thanks! I still want to ask for the camera: There was an update for Fairphone 2, and I don’t know when they’ve done it, from the 8 MG to 12 MG camera. Can you find out what you have? Can you please send me the fotos I ask for? I would be glad :slight_smile:

FYI, you can visually recognise the camera by the white ‘bar’ separating the camera and flash on the new one which doesn’t exist on the old camera.

Does this help?

That’s the old camera.

Thank for your help with the image. For me with the hint of AlbertJP it looks like the old 8 MP camera modul. So I have to get the new camera. I would buy it for 230 pound. Is this a deal fpr you?

Hi Malin,

Ok, £230 plus postage. Can you do a PayPal transfer? I’ll send you my details if so. Also, I’ll need your address.


Hi Mike,

I was also searching on ebay and found another fairphone yesterday evening. Maybe you have a feeling for the need of a smartphone after two weeks without… But you will soon find another buyer! I’m sorry for the trouble I made and wish you good luck!


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Hi! Where do you live in the UK? In case picking up is an option (you never know)

Hi, I’m in Edinburgh. Are you interested in the phone?

Hi Mike,
is there still a opportuntity to buy the fairphone for £230? I live in Germany and would come up for the postage.


Yes, I can send it to you. How would we do payment - Paypal?


Im very happy to hear that! Frankly saying I dont use PayPal. It would be better for me to just transfer the money as SEPA-transfer.


Is the Fairphone still available? I live in the UK so postage would be easy. I can do PayPal asap as well. Would love to finally own a fairphone!

Hi Olivia, I still have it. Would you use PayPal?


Hi Mike,
Yes, I’d be happy to do Paypal. What’s your email address/details that I would need for PayPal?


It’s soundslikesnow@yahoo.com

I’ll need your name and address. I’ll send it ‘to be signed’ if that’s ok?


Done and done :slight_smile: Details in the paypal transfer