[SOLD] Fairphone 2 for sale: £160

Buyer pays postage from UK

Hello Community
I have a working Fairphone 2 to sell. I bought this in Jan 2020, but used it only for a couple of weeks. It didn’t charge well with my existing cable, and I managed to get my old phone working so I reverted to that. Then life got busy, and I’m only now getting around to selling.

Here’s the original ad:

Photos in replies.
Hope this can find a happy new home!

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Hi Fairphone Forum - I’m not a regular user, hope it’s acceptable etiquette that I’m commenting to keep the topic open. Surprised not to have any responses yet…make me an offer

Whilst you have explained that cable issues caused charging problems, I would never advertise a device showing 15% battery, especially when it appears that it has been left in this depleted state for some while. By the time you factor in cost of new battery and possibly case with delivery charges from Fairphone Shop plus shipping costs for phone, price is creeping towards £200 although I accept that you are open to offers.


Hi all -I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the battery. Here is a photo of it charged


Is the second SIM port also working?

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Thanks for your interest.
Yes, both ports shown here:

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hi! if the phone is in good conditions and i can manage to save some money in shipping costs i am interested!
It’s a bit on the upper end of my budget but i really want to stick with a fairphone now that my old one is not working properly!

I’m keen to sell, perhaps you could let me know where you are so I can find out how much shipping would be

Hello, are you still interested in the phone?
Thank you - Eileen

Hi Eileen,

I’m interested and in the UK. Would you take £120? Matthew

Hello Matthew
That is convenient that you’re in the UK!
Please do you know if there’s a way for me to send you a private message?

Just open any topic, read ten posts to reach basic trust level, and you should be able to send messages by clicking on the avatar of a user and clicking the blue Message button.

Thank you Alex for your help! Much appreciated

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This phone has now sold. I’m afraid I can’t figure out how to edit the title to read ‘sold’. Thanks all

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