(SOLD) Fairphone 2 BNIB

Hello there, my first fairphone had a fault and so Fairphone replaced it with this factory refurbished Fairphone 2 Indigo. Meanwhile I have bought another phone…so I would like to sell this one for 400 pounds/450 euros. It is in perfect condition and as you can see from photo hasn’t been used or had plastic taken off the screens. I am in the uk but could post it at cost to europe. My email is sukhasiddhi@phonecoop.coop

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This photo looks the same and a bit cheaper:http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fairphone-2-ethical-smartphone-Indigo-BNIB-unlocked-/263149723035?hash=item3d44f21d9b:g:ypEAAOSwl~tZlEr8

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