SOLD - Fairphone 2: 130 Euro - SOLD

I’m selling my Fairphone 2. It’s three years old and has a slight defect. The display often shows colored pixels. When I press the sides of the device, the normal display usually appears. So it seems to be a problem with the contacts between the core module and the display. The display itself seems to be fine.
Also all other parts seem to work. I just bought the battery a few months ago. I can send the old blue cover (see photo) as well as the original box. The used cover has slight signs of use. There is a protective foil on the display.
Possibly a mobile phone shop can repair the device. Or maybe one of you is interested in using the working parts as spare parts.
If needed I can send more photos.
I imagine 130 Euro incl. shipping costs for the device.

Why do you think its a problem with the contacts between the core module and the display? Have you already tried a screen replacement and it has the same problem with [mis]colored pixels?

No, I have not tested replacing the display. That this is a problem with the contacts is my guess, after reading many posts in the forums about the problem with the colored pixels.

Hi Benediktus,
what country would you be shipping from?

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