[SOLD] Faiphone 4 128GB 6GB for sale

Hi, I have a Fairphone 4 for sale in perfect condition about 3 weeks old. It is a 128GB 6GB device which was running on Ubuntu Touch but I have put the Android OS back on the phone.

The asking price is: € 440 + shipping costs.

A 3D case is also included.

Two things to consider

  • Saying you can put always put Android back is questionable given how many people have bricked or boot looped their device when trying
  • Do you have the registration for 5 year that you can provide.

All the best

Brick a device never happend to me, you need to know what you are doing… No i dont have register the device for 5 years so it can still be registered on the new owner…

it can only be registered I think within 90 days, just as a reminder for a potential buyer. Reg the bricking: its a bug in the system and even if you know what you do, you can easily brick it at the moment as the get unlockability is often set to 0 and then there is no way to enable OEM unlocking once the bootloader is locked.

I assume as you are a developer you are aware of this issue and you would ensure to test the sensors after installing FPOS

Yes i know this indeed, the device is only a few weeks old, so it can still be registered as far i know.



I have also the prove email of the 5j waranty registration.

Here are the pictures of the device:

IMG-14911 IMG-14910 IMG-1499 IMG-1498 IMG-1497 IMG-1495 IMG-1494 IMG-1493 IMG-1492 IMG-1491

The device is SOLD