[sold] Bye and Thank You FP1, Hello FP3!

So here it goes, my Fairphone 1, still working, getting along with me for almost 6 years, thanks to a (free!) battery I got from Fairphone and a display broken by me that I could replace by myself, ready to be shipped for recycling. :cry:

Since it still works - anyone wants it? Pay me the postage and a beer, and I’ll send it to you.

The pictures were - of course - taken by the very nice Fairphone 3 I received recently :hugs: which I’d say is a very good phone.

So the idea to use a (fair) phone for at least 5 years worked out!

Cheers Fairphone and Fairphoners,


I pay you the shipping if it is not much and if you go through Spain I invite you to some beers.
The screen of my Fairphone one broke by a strong blow.:beers::ok_hand:

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Hey Torsten,

first of all, why did you not recycle your FP1 while ordering the FP3? You could have done that and got money off your FP3. :slight_smile:

If you live in Germnay, I could eventually collect it personally (depending on where you live). Otherwise, you could send it to me. I will definitely pay for the postage and get you a beer! :wink:


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The procedure is to buy the FP3 first and recyle later.
Edit: Here are the terms and conditions: Fairphone Recycling Program Terms & Conditions - Fairphone
Torsten still could - and seems to be prepared to - send the phone for recycling.

But maybe he prefers to keep the spirit alive for longer over cashing in some money.

Cheers for that @Torsten_Romer
:clinking_glasses: or :beers:
(whatever he prefers.)
Edit: Silly me, it’s :beers: of course. :blush:


If you just need the display I can send you the FP1 of my girlfriend. The USB connector is broken and it doesn’t have a battery, and the display is scratched (not broken and no deep scratches) and is still working:

Like that, someone else can use the other FP1 which is still completely working :slight_smile:


Indeed, it is still working, so it would be a bit sad to recycle. That can still be done when it is broken.

Cheers too, @BertG :slightly_smiling_face: :beers:

@vthejay I’m located close to Rottenburg a. N.