[SOLD] BRAND NEW fairphone 2 for sale

Hi All,

I am receiving a completely new fairphone 2 as a replacement. It will be brand new but only the screen will be under warranty for 2 years. For the first month they are happy to replace anything defective on the new model. I no longer need it so I am looking for someone that would like to buy it. I should receive it soon and it will be in the box and unused. If there are any problems when you start using it I will of course support you in getting fairphone to fix them within the first month.

Let me know if you want to buy it and how much you would offer for it. I was thinking of 25% off the current retail price (which is 399 euros). So 300 euros. It will have an indigo back.

I live in the UK and can ship it to you. We can use paypal or bank transfer for the payment.

Let me know if you are interested or have questions

Best wishes, Tubchen

Hi Tubchen,

I’m interested in this phone. I’m a bit confused about the circumstances though, why wouldn’t you return it for a full refund? And it seems a bit strange that just the screen is under warranty for 2 years with the rest just for 1 month, I wonder why…
I don’t know how much you can help with these questions but I’m really interested in buying this phone from you. I’m in the UK too, feel free to message me.

Best wishes,

Hi Julia,

I bought the original phone over 2 years ago and had a lot of trouble with it. I had a lot of busyness in my life, a big project followed by looking after a dying relative and then moving country. So I finally got around to contacting fairphone and they agreed to replace the phone. However I had cracked the screen so they asked me to pay for that. Therefore the new phone is not under warranty but the screen is. However they told me that the new phone has a one month grace period if anything is defective.

I am a Buddhist nun and have been using another phone in the time the fairphone was not working.

Does this help to make it more understandable? Let me know if you are interested. With best wishes, Tubchen

Just an update. I think someone is now going to buy the phone.

If that buyer changes mind, I’d be interested.

Hi Rodney,

Sorry it is gone now.

Best of luck,