[SOLD] 2 year old FP2 for sale

Bought as new from Fairphone january 2019.
Including 3 batteries (1 brand new, 1 one year old, 1 battery 2 years).
Fairphone tried to repair the phone under waranty. The newly fitted mainboard is working but getting very hot. All other modules should be OK.
Spare parts should be worth around 200 EUR.
Price 100 EUR plus p+p

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Could you please post a photo of the phone on displaying the current date ? This a requirement of the forum market.
Thanks in advance!


Would love to post a photo, but currently I’m not able to charge the phone.
And. How do I add photos ?

There’s an icon with an arrow pointing to represent Upload ~ took me a while to get it too :slight_smile:



Or you can just drag and drop a file into your text whilst creating/editing a post or reply (if you are doing this on a computer).


Hello Ole Kjeldgaard,
I am interested in buying your phone.
Could you please write directly to my e-mail address?
It is xxxx
Best regards
Anneli Davidsson in Sweden

Note moderator Lidwien: I removed the e-mailadress for safety reasons.
Just spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts and you can send a message by PM.

Thankyou :blue_heart:

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Do you still have the phone? is it still available?

Hi Ole, hi Caroline,
I’m looking for a bottom module, is this still available, and Caroline, if you are buying it, would you sell the bottom module to me? I am also interested in a battery if one’s left over.
Best, Peter

No, sorry will take IT down at once