Software update v1.8 temporarily postponed

Well - after the “update 1.8” there was a big discussion in the forum and there I asked about a beta test which wasn’t done with this update. So I recommended to make such a beta test for the next release. But it is going on now and I doesn’t participate - that’s pretty bizarre. :confused:

Yeah, I remember that thread now. Try to apply now, maybe they still need beta testers.

Seems to be a closed group and it seems that my help is not needed. Ok, checked.

Did you send an email to the address above?

Yes, of course I did.

Aha. So they don’t accept more applicants? What was the reply?

I don’t have a reply.

Ok, so let’s wait for the reply. I’m interested to hear, what they say because it’s not known, if they need more testers or if they have found the 30 testers already.

FairPhone and fair information seems to be very different things…

I’m quite sure they still accept beta testers. Just be a bit patient.

I still don’t have any answer from Well, that’s not what I understand under “customer support”. Very :confused:

man it’s weekend. chill a bit!


@tin, I’m sure you’ll get a response next week. As far as I know they are still taking on participants.

No email went out and there has been a fair bit on the forum (and also on the support site). I guess they could have come back to you individually, but you should be happy they took up your idea :smile:

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Hi Tin, you seem eager to join the program. If everything went correctly you should have received an email today about the program. Happy beta testing!


Hi there,
Yesterday, while I was out (and not connected to my WiFi, though the WiFi was still ‘on’ on the phone) FairPhone started updating the FairPhone system out of the blue. Does this mean beta-testing is finished and we’re about to get a new version? I was under the impression that system updates/upgrades would only happen while connected to the power mains and a WiFi connection. Is that still true?

FYI: I upgraded to 1.8 when I received the email in December and I’m using FP1.



If you are talking about the “checking for updates” notification when you turn on mobile networks then I - and others on the forum - have the same ‘problem’. But no it doesn’t mean that a new OS is coming (very) soon. Beta testing is still going on and the last I heard there will be a second round of beta testing soon.

Hey Paul,
Thanx for the feedback.

No! I’m talking about the “downloading and installing update to 1.8” (or something like that, I don’t remember the precise wording). That was the puzzling thing. I thought: I didn’t receive an announcement mail and it starts upgrading/updating.

Apparently the phone has a mind of its own… (??)


The FP team recognized that the message is misleading and the beta testers say that the message was changed to “Checking for updates” because this is what the notification really means.

Can you confirm this, @Chris_R?

Yeah I think this is the same issue that keeps getting mentioned where the updater is actually checking for an update but it looks like it’s trying to download a new update.

This is indeed addresses in the beta version so all being well it’ll be rolled out soon to everyone :smiley:


what I just think is strange is that this only happens on mobile networks and not on wifi. many apps have the option only do updates or background downloads on wifi but the updater app seems to prefer mobile.
Other than the Fairphone Updater only FP1-EPO-Autoupdate and AdAway seem to never use Wifi for updating.