Software update kola nut (help in Berlin needed)

I cannot update software, i am still operating on “almond”, I tried cabel and everything the fairphone website suggested … but it didnt work, who can help me in Berlin, i am willing to pay an allowance … annette

Hey, I suggest you to search for “Berlin” in the forum. You’ll find many people from Berlin, and you can post in those threads or contact the people directly.*

*Direct messages (DMs) are only possible if you spend some time on the forum and raise your user access level.

Hi Annette, if you are on Facebook I’d suggest to join the German Facebook Group Fairphone-Freunde. We’ve managed to find a solution for everyone so far and were able to help a bunch of people with those updates and their various problems. :wink: Otherwise @Stefan’s suggestion will propably work out too.

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Some time ago, two users from Berlin (@stojmas and @drmarkuse) offered their help here in the forum.

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