Software update Kola Nut 1.8

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I made It.
Open “Fairphone Updater” and click on “Fair phone OS” on the bottom of your screen. Then select the new software udapte.
After that click on “Install new version”.
Sorry for my english, I hope you will understand my explanation !

So my experiences with the update:

  • The first time the update did not seem to have succeeded
  • The second time it did, but the Google apps failed to install due to the updater “working” in the background. OSMonitor did not show anything active…
  • Restarting the phone via the power button did not solve this either
  • After reading the hint of opening the FP Updater again, it gave me a huge Restart button. Hitting that cleared the way for the Google app installer.
  • Installation of the Google apps means another reboot, a bunch of updates to the Google apps, then everything should be set.

Thanks to the entire team for making this happen! During the month I have my FairPhone, I already had more OS updates than I had in 2.5 years on my HTC :stuck_out_tongue: .

I like the new launcher. For people unsure about having only 3 home screens: new screens are added as needed if you drag an app or a widget to the border of the last one.
One issue I found is that it seems possible to get it into a state where it fails to snap to an entire home screen, keeping hanging in between 2 screens like this

The view does not block (sliding from left to right), but widgets on neither screen seem to work.
And now it seems to work normally again after having entered the new launcher again …
Another nice fact is that the new launcher allows changing the order of the home screens (though dragging them around in the launcher seems to cause some slight artifacts (as if the borders of the home screen being dragged around get stuck to the background, the vertical lines):

For now, the update does not seem to have fixed the black backgrounds in Google Play, but that’s a purely cosmetic issue anyhow…

When opening a folder for the first time, I get a helpful explanation that it is a folder, and how to create one. But I know how they work since I just created one. This might make more sense if there were already a folder.

If I discover anything else, I’ll add it here.


Hi Rick!

I have a problem with the update. The Keyboard isnt working - so i read in the forum to insta the Google apps. Unfortunately i deleted my w-lan by mistake. Now Google apps tells me to connect to wlan - wich i cant because the keyboard isnt working!
What do I have to do???
Thanks for your help.

I realized that a bunch of Google apps don’t work properly after re-installing them. Play Store didn’t even appear in the lancher. The Google search widget wasn’t in the widget list either. Solution in both cases. Go to “settings” > “apps” and chose the specific app, then de-install updates. Afterwards missing apps and widgets did appear.

Can you talk about how it’s more similar to Kitkat? There’s quite a few things I don’t like about Kitkat

Ok, now the keyboard decided to work. Everything works!!

Hi Bobby, thanks for reporting it. The links are indeed missing, as are the files - I am going to make sure this is fixed first think in the morning.

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I’ll talk to development about this!

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I have the same message ('Fairphone Updater is updating your operating system in the background.
Please try again later). How long would an upgrade take normally? Is it minutes, hours?

I totally agree with you, Jerry. The bigger icons doesn’t want me to unlock my phone and see that. It is a serious aesthetic bug. Is there another way than downgrading to fix this?

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For the first time since getting my FP in January I’m really disappointed and frustrated. Updating, that has always run smoothly for me on earlier occasions, was this time full with nasty surprises. The mysterious ‘updating in the background’ message, blocking play store reinstall, that has been mentioned above is one example. A warning/information about this would have been most welcome. The new screen layout - no longer five fixed screens but a variety, with no information on how to regain them, is another. Connected to this is that the start screen (after rebooting) is always the leftmost screen, not the centre one, which means that one’s old swipe pattern becomes obsolete. Changing icon size was a mistake in my opinion. Earlier I had 20 app buttons and a 1x4 calendar widget on the home screen, now it’s limited to 16 plus the widget. I can no longer put the clock, the ‘peace of mind’ and the power management widget on one screen And so on and so on.
In my opinion it was a sad oversight not to give us users more information on what we could expect. And the ‘support tutorial’ was definitely launched long before it filled such a function.
Next time, please prepare and publish release notes/information that could help us users to cope with the update - saving our time as well as your own (less desperate questions on the forum that needs answering).

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I waited for a while then just visited the Fairphone Updater app then 
exited from it and I am now installing the google apps via the widget.

Where can I find the updater app? Mine won’t install google apps either. I already regret the upgrade and whenever I get this fixed I’ll find out how to downgrade I think.

Hi all, can you please help. I have updated my Fairphone, however since the update I cannot swipe left or right to access the five panels. I only seem to have one. How can I have the other four panels back?

You’ll get additional home screen panels as soon as you drag something there.

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You can find the updater app amongst your apps. You can go there by using the “side swipe” to get into your apps.

Hi @kgha thanks for the feedback, I wrote it all down and we’ll take it with us for the next release. Sorry that we made you feel frustrated for the first time :persevere: we will keep doing our best to help and get some more fixes/info out there.

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No I don’t. They just can’t be dropped.

I posted a problem with google since the update in the forum and was asked to post it here:

I ran the updater, left the phone connected and on the charger, came back 4 hours later, that should have been sufficient to finish the update.

Since the update ALL of my google apps, connections and services have stopped working. I have wasted hours today to get it to work again and I’m not done yet. I am not a tech fanatic nor do I use my smartphone for play or have a smartphone because I am an addict, I use my phone for work, to make money for a living. I don’t have the time to play around with incomplete beta versions. What I need and expect for my money is an update that works and when I return to the phone I expect it to work as smoothly as before.

It had taken me quite a while to set it up for my best use. Most of that was centered around google cloud. Not a single google service works anymore. Especially the missing connection to the cloud has made my working day a pain and a waste, having to lug around a laptop to acces the data I usually get via the smartphone from our cloud.

Anyway, the whole OS is heavily google dependent, one can’t then release an update that kills google services…

Would you bet against me if I said that not a single serious smartphone market player would go public with such an update? Why? Because I, the paying customer, need google. What I don’t need is having to waste HOURS to get it to work AS BEFORE. What good is an update if it wastes my day? Why should I even have to mess with this issue?

A smartphone that does not perform is by that very fact unecological.You want to think about the implications. This under par update alone has made me leave a carbon foot print today that drowns every environmental benefit the fairphone may have saved over the last two months.

It’s nearly 8 in the evening. I should have been home since 6, I’m still here trying to get this thing to work. I have tried everything, from reboot to re-install to re-update, nothing. I am fed up with code amateurism hiding behind that “don’t criticise us, we do good” attitude. It’s a smartphone, it’s 2014, one does not issue betas that are environmentally hostile and make my smartphone practically useless for me.

If this thing doesn’t work by tomorrow worktime it goes in the bin.


Oh yes, that’s exactly what I said to myself for the second time, to click on the Fairphone OS button, but didn’t do… It’s ok now. Thank you Lise!