Software update Kola Nut 1.8

Hi Marco,

Sorry for the late response, I had two major exams so needed to focus on those first. So, about my fp, i’m experiencing some troubles since i’ve downloaded the update. Since I’m really not technical the thought of having to fix this myself made panic slightly haha, so i’m glad you want to help. This is what I have encountered:

  • i can’t install Google apps
  • half of my apps are gone
  • Half of the contacts I do have in my ‘Contacts’ are not recognised anymore, not when calling, texting, whatsapping
    • according to my settings I do have a profile pic but others don’t see it
  • it keeps downloading ‘Fairphone update’ without actually finishing ever. If i don’t stop it it can keep downloading for hours
  • When typing spelling check/ automatic word thingy doesn’t work anymore

Ok, I hope you have some tricks for me to undo this, thanks in advance!



@naomimn i think all of the issues, you are experiencing, are related to Google Apps not being installed. So as I see it, you have two options:

  1. Install Fairphone OS 1.6 manually and wait until the revised 1.8 is released.
  2. Install Fairphone OS 1.8 manually.

What about the new update (kola nut)? We didn’t hear anything the last 11 days.

@joagri - I think we need to be patient. We’re unlikely to hear anything until the new year now.

And there is no point FP trying to rush out a further update if they don’t have time to test it, and if there is no one available to support it after it’s released into the wild :wink:

I really hope that the next bug-fix release would be fully tested in a beta test cycle - including the update process on the FP. I really hope that they have learned their lesson with “version 1.8”.

I installed the 1.8 directly, It took two attempts/downloads. Later it was postponed and i have not investigated why. Since 1.8 there are more visual activity from the “fairphone updater app” (I think) and i looks like small files are downloading and gets installed. One can assume that because the it says “New Fairphone update” and there is the progress bar. Is the app just checking or is it really downloading and installing stuff?

It’s just checking. The issue has been reported and hopefully will be solved with the revised update.


Just to share that I updated to v1.8 with success. I am fully satisfied with this new release and with the related changes. I also noticed an improvement regarding the battery autonomy (nice!).

Thanks for your wonderful work!

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You can check if you are up to date in the Fairphone Updater. If the app is unnecessarly looking for update, I suggest to reset Wifi (enable/disable). Worked for me.

I have downloaded and installed (with difficulties) the update when it was first available, before the FP team told us not to install it and to wait for them to fix the bugs.
Sometimes (around twice a week) my phone shows a notification saying “new update available” with the icon suggesting it is downloading it. Turning the wi-fi off and on doesn’t help it. It doesn’t prevent me from using the phone and disappear some time later.
Still, I don’t like it and would like to fix it. Any thoughts?

Pointing to my post above.

Meaning: There is no fix at the moment. I wonder though, why you want to fix it when it doesn’t “prevent [you] from using the phone”…

Because it means something is not right. And when I see a notification, I wonder if it is important, if it is good or bad news, while it’s really just a useless message.

For the moment, you simply need to ignore this notification. It’s not preventing you from using your phone I presume

In the next update when the updater is checking for an update you will still get a notification but it will saying “Checking for Update” which should avoid this confusion. The frequency of checks is also being addressed as is the fact that sometimes the check doesn’t disappear (in the new update it will timeout).

There are still some bugs with the beta software which is why it’s not been released yet. But have patience as it’s being worked on (next beta version is due soon). Once the beta testers are happy with the update, it will be released.

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Starting about 4 or 5 days ago my Battary lifetime is only by about 4 Hours.
I tryed to find out what is costing so much energy.
Today I noticed that there is a very frequent notifikation pupping up that Failrfone 1.8 is downloaded. I have already 1.8.
The Notifikation siapiers after a second… but I fear that this frequend check ot download attemt is kostin my battery life time.

Is there any reasen for these download attemts? I never noticed them before.

@TechWolf - please read my post about - it’s the same thing you’re referring to. It’s being worked on for the next update.

Not a lot you can do at this point. You could downgrade to v1.6 again and hopefully all will be well.

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