Software update Kola Nut 1.8.7 is ready - Stagefright fix

Have you checked in “Fairphone Updater” whether you still aren’t on 1.8.7 ?

I’m still on 1.8.5. How do I make it complete the installation?

Have you encountered any error message in the process, like “not enough cache”? Does your Fairphone have a “phone storage” plus an “internal storage”?

Doesn’t say any errors. I contine the restart and then it prompts it again.
Not sre if I have extra storage? how do I check this?

Try setting the screen to stay awake (Settings > Developer options >stay awake) and plug in your phone. For some people this has solved the problem (e.g. here).

Edit: Or see a number of different posts in this thread, whoops.

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I hope this complete collection is useful for you: :slight_smile:

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Hey, I don’t want to open a new thread for my questions:
After finally updated my sisters FP1 form OS 1.6 (1+12GB) to 1.8.7 (13GB) I encountered this problem:

  • In the default camera-app of android, there is no button to switch to the back camara (at the screen side), only the main camera works.

Any solution for this?

Only for my interest are the following questions:

  • What’s about the second SIM-network symbol in the status bar? I thought it will be not displayed anymore if only one SIM is used? But it is not the case for me - or is some setting neccassary. (of course GravityBox is doing the trick).
  • I still don’t have any informatoin, if the well known “14% battery problem” was adressed in any of the FP-OS updates until now…somebody knows more?

Cheers, Robert

The button is located at the red arrow. You don’t have that?

Yep, I know from my own FP1 :wink:
But unfortunately it is NOT available at my sisters FP1 after update…any guesses?

  • Camera: Happened to me once, kill the camera app and try again! :wink: This worked for me.

  • The second SIM network symbol will always display, if you do not hide it with Gravity Box.

  • I think it was already addressed with 1.6, so if you’re still encountering troubles, the battery might be bloated.

PS: If you are not sure, the update works as it should, you could run it again.

If that doesn’t work, see here on testing cameras. I know it’s about front facing cameras, but the procedure is the same for the back-facing camera.

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I know I´m late with updating my phone on Kola Nut 1.8.7.
My phone currently runs on Kola Nut 1.8.5.
Downloading and installing works perfectly fine, unfortunately when the phone reboots it states that there is “no command”.

I`ve already tried to install it manually (, I followed it till step 5. Then it said installation aborted.

Any clues how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.



Hey @Viktor, please use the magnifying glass above to search the forum for solutions. We have discussed these issues a lot already and you’ll find many possible solutions.

Hey Stefan,

I have searched for “no command”-Psots and found this one. Nevertheless it does not work out. As it depicts no “updater” as it should according to step 4.
Do you have other approaches in mind?

Here you go:

I still haven’t been able to update my phone since August. Where vän I get help following these Guides? My technical side seem to havet vanished.

The lastest official version is still: Software update 1.8.7 log - August 2015.

If you feel experimental, you can try the unofficial 4.4.4 build.

I am interested in the question wether we will see a fix for stagefrigth 2 and if so when. Some answer regarding a timeline would be appreciated. Even in a form like: Not before August 2016.

My phone has stagefright vulnerablities as seen on the screenshot - even though I have installed Kola Nut. I understood that that would fix the problem. Any ideas?