Software Update: FP5.TT45.A.141.20240115

When the latest update will be available from the official download site? (

File is already on server, “only” is not updated link to it…

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Perfect, thank you :wink:

Apologies for that, it was our mistake, thanks for flagging it :slight_smile:


I have also just updated my FP5 (root).

Everything worked again. Perfect.

Many thanks to Fairphone. :+1:

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Now, my FP5 works perfectly.:smiley:

Does anyone have the link to the OTA zip (not factory image)? Would like to try something with avbroot. BTW, why is there no official download link for that? :confused:

edit: NVM, found it!

edit2: Sadly, this is only the incremental OTA, not a full one. Will need to tinker a bit more :frowning:

I think OTA is always incremental, full one is factory image ;⁠-⁠)
And this OTA zip have inside files as is write in avbroot requirements.

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Not really, OTA images can be both. If you take a look at the official download page, for the FP3 both types are provided. Most custom ROMs (Lineage, iodé) also only have full OTAs for simplicity.

Assuming you refer to the OTA sideload files: For the FP3 thats new and only becasue of the fingerprint issue to give the option to stay on Android 11, so for FPOS the above statement was correct

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Okay, thank you for the clarification.