Software update: FP4.SP2J.B.086.20230807

Usual link to the for those that need it.

Have fun :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, same here. I’ve got the FP4 since almost launch. It’s the first time I have a phone that people ask about. But I cannot lie. The software quality is a massive turn-off.


More than the screen cable? Not that I know about :cold_face:

I wish, I have been waiting for this updated for a while now.

I suppose the fix was to decrease the touchscreen sensitivity? Soft touches are unresponsive now (with colder fingers it seems). I remember when I switched to the FP4 I was complaining about the touchscreen being too sensitive. Specifically the back gesture was triggered by just swiping 2 millimeters at the edges of the screen. My Pixel didn’t have that, it seems better calibrated and doesn’t trigger those gestures with just a few millimeters, which prevents accidental gestures. I reported that to support about 2 years ago, but I guess no one else reported it, so it doesn’t get on the radar.

But now soft touches don’t register anymore on my FP4 (colder fingers), but the threshold for the gesture navigation are still just as sensitive. I hope it solves the ghost touches, because otherwise the touchscreen experience went down further.


After this update, I am experiencing significant issues zooming in and out in various apps using two fingers. When placing two fingers together and moving them apart to zoom in (or doing the opposite to zoom out), the phone seems to only recognise one finger, and starts scrolling around in accordance with the movement of that finger, rather than zooming. This happens across various apps (very noticeable in Google Maps). It keeps happening repeatedly until I leave the phone alone for a few seconds and then tries again, at which point it seems to usually work as expected. Presumably this has something to do with the fix to the ghost input issue (which I was not experiencing). Very annoying :frowning:


Updated without issues.

I didn’t have ghost inputs but the touchscreen experience is better now, especially while typing. It seems more accurate.
It seems also that the edges are less sensitive and this is fine.

The screen timeout is working fine now.

Also the battery life seems better with this update, I don’t know if it is related to this or some other bugfix.

Anyway great update, waiting for the October one.


I can’t confirm this. Zooming works as usual for me. But I didn’t have ghost touches before the update.


The update went through very well, no problems.
Only once after the update did the login screen stay black, all of a sudden. I only saw the status bar and the bottom navigation bar. It stayed that way until I restarted. This has not happened again so far.

Otherwise, the display works wonderfully for me. I am very satisfied. If the screen dimming problem is fixed now, I would be mega happy.

After that, you can take care of features again. The FP4 is almost back to where you were with Android 11.

Good work!

After lastest update I’m ghost touch. I got hard time with screen rotation.

I guess you have a Fairphone 4.
Did you install the latest update?
Software Version: FP4.SP2J.B.086.20230807
Security Patch Level: 5th of July, 2023

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Yes, but I noticed that when I try to use the rotation with 2 fingers in Google map is not moving properly. I got hard time to understand the system. I also try my my pockets paint app is not moving as any average smartphone with 2 fingers movement.


I have moved your post here as there was a fix done for ghost touches. So are you saying you have not have ghost touches before the update and now have them or is it more about the screen sensitivity as described above?

This fix really makes the touchscreen harder to control for me. Not when I’m in my (home) office, but after cooking, cycling, working out and things like that. Almost as if the sensitivity is perfectly calibrated for an office environment (probably where the devs live too :nerd_face:). But if you have some kind of temperature, moisture or dirt on your fingers, the screen becomes unresponsive. Am I the only one that has this?


I can confirm that after this update, the screen of my FP4 is much less responsive than before. I never had any issues with the sensitivity of the screen or ghost touches before the update, so it definetely made things worse for me.

Interestingly, when I hold the phone in portrait mode in an upright position (the usual case for me) the screen seems to work just fine like before. However, as soon as I place the phone on a table or any other flat surface, the screen becomes very unresponsive and barely recognices my finger movement anymore. Scrolling or zooming (e.g. Google Maps) becomes a pain, but also simple tapping e.g. to launch an app only works occasionally. As soon as I take the phone into an upright position into my hand, the screen seems to work fine again.

Can anybody reproduce this behavior?

I am on CalyxOS and Calyx devs shipped this update yesterday evening with no other changes to the OS.


Perfect update!
I had huge problems with ghost inputs!

So much so that the phone became unusable.

That is fixed with this update, thanks for that! :slight_smile:

There seems to be a broad range of experiences with the latest change as illustrated by the quotes above as the latest examples. What I gather from all those responses is that people who had no issues before now have a screen that is not sensitive enough and people who actually had problems are happy about the change.
For me this looks like a significant variation in the hardware (quality?) of the devices. If this is indeed true, then no static change to the way touch is handled will not work for everybody and a more fine-tuned solution would be required.

Personally, I had no touch issues so far and also did not receive the update, yet. My device also does not seem to suffer from the dimming issue, further illustrating the point that there seem to be very different qualities around.


Noted that as well, however I know this from the FP3 already, and at the end I dont care as long as the Ghost Touches are gone for others (I never had any), as I think those are more severe compared to this.


Update went well. For the record, I didn’t experience ghost touches before, and after an extensive 5-seconds test (!) I do not think my touchscreen sensitivity has been affected by this update. :sweat_smile:

My, Fairphone updates are bad for my aging heart… :laughing:


I guess we’ll hear from you in a few days about this issue :nerd_face: It doesn’t happen often. As mentioned, in a perfect office-like environment things work well.