Software update: FP4.SP2J.B.086.20230807

Welcoem to the Fairphone community.

Please read along a little bit in this thread, for example:

@Yasen_Tomov Thank you very much sir!
This will hopefully solve an active support request.

I had this problem yesterday for the first time. I was using the phone normally, connected to wifi. At one point the connection was closed and data connections didn’t work at all anymore. The wifi and mobile data icons disappeared, too. Only thing that helped was a reboot.

I have the developer options “Mobile data always active” disabled.

Just did the update. Previously I was not experiencing ghost touches and I have not so far seen that problem.

I can confirm a seeming reduction in sensitivity of the touch screen but in my experience so far, this is really marginal.

However, I do experience a diminished ability to zoom when the phone is horizontal (I use maps quite a lot). Very strange, since chocking the phone up just a little (y = 8° measured by a spirit level app) is enough to mask the problem.
If using on an horizontal surface, I find that for pinching, if I place one fingertip before the other, this seems to help.

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Unfortunately, even after installing the update, the ghost touches never went away for me. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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As you can see further up in this topic, you’re not the only one with this problem. Contact support and we’ll arrange a repair for you.


Since the update, I never had ghost touches.

Hi all, I have been experiencing issues with my FP4’s touchscreen since I ran the latest update. (I can’t find a way to view which number but the notification came a few days ago). The problem expresses itself in reduced sensitivity of the screen - often when I touch it, it doesn’t react. This relates both to typing and dragging or swiping.
I am using a screen protector and haven’t had a problem before. At first I thought it’s a hardware problem and was about to remove the protector, but then I remembered that the problems emerged in the last days after the update…
Is anyone experiencing something similar and/or know how to fix this?
Thanks in advance!

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Have a look above you are not alone and it seems to happen espcially when the phone is lying somewhere and you are not holding it in a hand. So if you need to use it while not holding, put in a cable (no need to actually charge)

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That is not a correlation I could observe in my case.

That being said I did experience ghost touches before the update and the input issues I’m experiencing at the moment seem to match the ghost touch issue in frequency and area. So it might be different for users who are experiencing touch input issues without having experienced ghost touches before.

Definitely different issues here indeed. I never experienced ghost touches, and now have gotten that quite insignificant (for me) “needs grounding” touchscreen issue.
Apparently those who had ghost touches now have a completely different kind of issue.

I never had issues with ghost touches before. After the update some touches are not recognized so I have to tap multiple times and/or at a slightly different spot. I am using the ‘official’ screen protection sold as accessory by fairphone.

I just signed up because this annoys me so much. :frowning_face:


I had very bad ghost touches and have only noticed maybe a bit of jank with zooming with holding the phone with one hand. No ghost touches I have noticed yet.

I do not use a screen protector as even the stock ones diminished the screen visibility too much.

I am just back from vacation and the FP4 was killing my nerves because of bugs / settings which all seem to have a solution now or coming.

FP issues:

  • Ghost touches: fixed with update 86 (although I somehow believe that this is rather a workaround than a real solution. But no ghost touches ever since, fingers crossed…)

  • Screen darkening: will be fixed in October update. This bug made the phone almost unusable for navigation on my bicycle.

Android issues:

  • When connecting to some Hotel WiFIis, a connection was established, but “unable to use the internet”, while other devices had no problems. Even turning off WiFi and using mobile connection did not work anymore. Only quick solution to at least get mobile connection back: delete WIFI connection and reboot the phone.

Permanent solution:

Settings > Network & Internet > Private DNS > “off”

This also makes your phone working if you have something like a pihlole in your network.

  • Spamming your router with MAC addresses which also can lead to connection issues:

Solution: Connect to WiFi, click on the (highlighted) connection, click on the pencil in the upper right, open “advanced options” and select “Use device’s MAC Address”.

Would be nice if those settings were set by default and some security freaks could activate the “features” knowing what they are doing. But I would guess that Google would not allow it (?).

Anyway, if I had known about all this before I started my cycle vacation, it would have worked out quite a bit more relaxed.

However, as all the annoying bugs I have experienced with the FP4 (hopefully) could be fixed or will be in the near future, I finally made my peace with the device again.

So, Fairphoners: be welcome to ask the users again whether they would recommend the FP4 to others, after the bugs are all fixed. You might get a different result. :wink:


same here. No ghost touches before, now after the update, if the phone is lying somewhere without being grounded, the touchscreen is barely usable.

Fcs Fairphone, put more ressources into softdev and testing. You fix a bug for some users by introducing a new bug for others?


To me, the source of the problem seem to be the hardware screen connector and the update interferes when detecting ghost issues. But this is only my believe.
However, the workaround might work for you when applying the “foam solution” (open he case, remove the display, connect it again and put something soft material between the connector and the screen, pressing it into the connector cradle).
I know, this should not be the user’s job to do, but if it helps…

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The new “low sensitivity” touch screen issue seems to be connected to how much conductive area is put on the screen. For example, if the phone is lying on a not grounded surface and I use only the tip of a finger to navigate, it will not work. But when I lay the finger flatter on the screen, like with nearly the whole fingerprint, it works.

Contrary to what has been reported earlier, it’s not about how hard you press (can’t, because it’ a capacitive screen), probably ppl experience this, because the harder you press, the flatter your finger and the higher the conductive area on the screen.


I’m eagerly awaiting the update in the hope to get rid of the ghost touches.

But, no update available, still on 079 in stead of 086.
I have Belgian Proximus. Is this normal ?

I’m on Proximus and just received the notification yesterday. But haven’t installed it, yet. Maybe try a manual search?

I keep manually checking for updates but always get the message that I’m up to date :cry: