Software update: FP4.SP28.B.065.20230420

i am quite serious, when i posted my message and info about it there was just no other post on this update. shortly thereafter the fairphone employee submitted their post. it is bad practice especially here when you guys are constantly pointing out that this forum is all about the users and that fairphone as a company couldnt care less about it officially, so why not give users some respect and maintain the order of posts and findings and not just renumber and belittle users posts.

Dont at all get your point, your topic is closed and the official one posted 5 Minutes later will be kept.


The obvious reason is that as this one is created by Fairphone they will be notified of an answer here and can read it and respond.

Your topic isn’t ‘official’ and whereas you made a point of noting it, it’s not a useful place for other users to comment.

It’s also not a great idea to have two topics the same.

In this topic people can give feedback to Fairphone, in yours to you.

If there is a specific issue that once has been mentioned here it is then common for a topic to be created about that for user peer to peer discussion.

So there’s Fairphone who don’t manage the topics, but who do post info on updates.

Then there’s the moderators who try to keep the forum tidy and respectful

Then there I and I who may feel a little disrespected now and then but that’s something to be taken with a pinch of salt, a spoon of sugar or a glass of wine.

It’s easy for people to feel disrespected as authorities are also only human and have their roles to play. I wouldn’t want to be a moderator, would you ??


Thank you @anon9989719 :+1: Very good reasoning.


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Awesome to see another update fixing something that was brought up by the community! :tada: Will the call quality/noise cancellation be addressed in an upcoming update as well? People often hear themselves when calling them. Also, the call quality is sometimes not consistent. I have reported this in the past, but these tickets have already been closed and I haven’t heard any updates from FP. There are some threads about this.


But the timely accomplishment might be important for some, so perhaps an “I was first!” badge could be created and given to affected users in such a scenario in exchange for prioritising official posts which came later? :1st_place_medal:


I struggle to find this, anyone with more luck?
I did use the Search function in the settings to no avail.

Update installed without problems, rebooted and “System update completed” (or similar) displayed. I even gave it another reboot hoping the setting would emerge. Feeling a bit like someone hunting for an easter egg :blush:


I can’t find it either. However, it seems to be turned on by default. The accent color changes correctly according to the selected wallpaper.


It seems there was some miscommunication about this change. As @Razem pointed out, it’s enabled by default. An easy way to check this is to change your Home Screen wallpaper to one with a different predominant color.

I will update the post and release notes accordingly, and ask for more clarity in regards to whether we can expect a manual setting.


I’ve tried Repainter again after this update and now it works without root, just follow the instructions!

Then you can manually set the theme color in the free version.


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A good thing is: They already provided the boot image on Fairphone 4 Kernel Source Code — FAIRPHONE open source documentation

Things improve…


I think the “too dim” screen problem introduced with A12 is corrected. Can’t find the topic for reference, sorry.

[edit] Random brightness decrease after A12 update - #98 by chantoine


It’s not working on my FP4 and I use Hyperion Launcher. Is this only for the stock launcher?

I have also now noticed an issue with the keyboard now and this bug also happens with 3rd party keyboards as well. If you bring up the app selector or if you stop typing and then come back to the keyboard it stops working. Tapping on the keyboard or swapping to different ones doesn’t fix it.

Where can I report bugs?

I can’t confirm. I open Messages, start typing, switch to another app, go back to Messages. Keyboard still working.



Another shameful update(


For further discussion about Material You

please head over to this topic

A post was merged into an existing topic: Material You not in FP4 version of Android 12?

Any ETA for Android 13?

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