Software update: FP4.SP25.B.058.20230318

Some instances can be weeks in the tweeking,

I wonder if the update will come in the Netherlands, still nothing

It may be best to #contactsupport and your carrier for more information.

Edit: @Paul88 I have the update now, maybe your carrier released it as well.

Today I received the update!

Is there any news on the full system image of FP4.SP25.B.058.20230318? I need the boot.img for rooting. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

Can’t help you with the full factory images (you can create them by merging the older ones with the OTA updates, if you need them), but I can offer you the latest boot.imges


Thank you for the quick reply. Another thanks, because they work and the explanation! :slight_smile:


It would be helpful having the same numbers for the update on the phone and in the forum. When the update message appears, I always look for the corresponding forum thread. But this failed this time (maybe also earlier, because it was always a mess finding the thread, but didn’t find the cause). The reason was, that my phone shows “SP25.B.0058”, whereas this thread only has one zero at the 58, the other figures seems not that problem. But with this exact search term (with quotation marks) there is no result (oh yes, there is a result in one posting in a very different thread)

It could be that the forum thread is a slight error ??

Can you show a screen shot of what your phone states ?

Where do you get this version info from?
In “settings - about - build number” it shows as in the topic of this thread for me.

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I was really bummed to discover that the Update does not fix this Bluetooth bug. My headphones have an aditional Bug that i have a small chance that when my Laptop disconnects from them, they keep repeating the “Connection Lost” sound until i restart my Headphones.

After restarting them, however, i need to get into the developer options to switch from aptX to AAC.


Mar 20

The Quickstep Launcher still causes problems. I’m having a hard time believing that these problems are hard to fix. The minimum display brightness is then turned down via update instead of correcting the error.


The launcher still has the problem that the header is displayed in the wrong color if you have previously scrolled down and started an app and then minimized or closed it. Then the header suddenly appears gray instead of black.

similar problem with light mode too. The header is also displayed in the wrong color here.


Darkmode colors are still wrong. white writing on a light blue background is just not legible.

in the bright mode, the contrast is as it should be.

I don’t think it’s rocket science to just match the colors. Please fix the problem! Please! This is your business card and the first impression you make.

I just can’t understand why you guys aren’t solving these little problems. The Fairphone 4 is used in our company as a test device. It should reflect how well it works in everyday life compared to an iPhone. How should you sell this software quality to your colleagues?

Instead of fixing problems, new functions are added.
It’s like replacing a car’s missing reverse gear with a reversing camera.

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Most likely (attention – wild guess here!), it is because those people who would be fixing them would be some 3rd-party subcontractor in some distant part of the world, and thus making any fixes is expensive (and extremely complicated unless you have a very clear picture of what’s wrong and how to fix it). Which apparently isn’t yet the case for those rather fundamental problems (like not being able to make a decent call…).

As for the cosmetic issues (wrong colors etc.) I guess they don’t warrant a special contract, and will probably just piggyback on some future major upgrade.

(Once again, just my 2 cents worth.)

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The update to FP4.SP25.B.058.20230318 went smoothly. My provider is in the Netherlands.

Fixes for the majority of these small issues already exist in AOSP or LineageOS/CalyxOS, it could be a simple case of providing the 3rd-party subcontractor with a list of patches to apply. But given aptX is still broken I have small hopes that UI bugs like that will ever get fixed.

I hope this can change at some point, having UI bugs and missing features is a pretty bad user experience and looks unprofessional.


Technically, yes. But then there is the business part of the deal, and everything becomes difficult, complicated and expensive… Does their initial contract specify that kind of corrective actions, or would it be considered as a new feature, thus requiring a new contract (lawyers rubbing their hands with glee)?.. :smiling_imp:

What would take a moderately capable developer a day, will take weeks (if not months) of negotiations and hundreds of thousands in lawyer fees before even a single line of code is written. That’s unfortunately the corporate world, that’s why we can’t have nice things…


YES vandaag de update gehad en eindelijk is de screenshot button terug. Nu nog een led notificatie als er berichten zijn of als je oproepen hebt gemist en de FP4 is helemaal zoals die moet zijn

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