Software update: FP4.FP4G.A.170.20220920

the update indicating symbols, for the now fp4 firmware being from back in september 2022, now turned red, as it is older than three months. even three months, or any delay… and this in the fairphone flagship product… is very sad to say at least. firmware updates? security updates? chipset chips and driver updates? in your fairphone4 flagship product? why would any user need those for real. how dare you ask.



Yeah, cannot access my work profile anymore. That together with the complains about call quality from my colleagues. This might be the end for me and my employer will just force me to use a company phone. Which is either a Samsung or iPhone. Not great… For a phone that’s suppose to last… It only took about a year to become a recycle product.


I fully expect there to be more (hopefully regular) updates coming. But I totally agree that not being able to deliver an update for 3 months now does not look good for a device “built to last”. I hope this is only due to very exceptional reasons and will return to the previous 1- to 2-month cycle.


I fully agree with mde. I expect Android 12 until christmas.


That would certainly be one reason for the delays, yes.

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Personally I’ve decided that if there’s a sale on the Pixel 6a before Android 12 is released then I will attempt to flash Calyx and then I will relock the bootloader. If it fails and my phone is bricked I’m buying a Pixel 6a.

Seems like a nice compromise to me :person_shrugging:t3:

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I’m already waiting for my 6a to arrive. Went for it instead of a 7 due to small size. In the meanwhile using my S9 for a few days. The camera is night and day, literally. I forgot what a seamlessly working camera is. And that’s on an almost 5 year old phone. So long FP4, and thanks for all the fish.

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For what it’s worth, I’ve contacted Fairphone expressing my concerns about this, and included a link to this thread. It really is a serious issue both for reasons of user’s security and for the goodwill of Fairphone customers (and potential customers), but one that could be ameliorated if they just tell us what’s happening.


Hear hear! I’ve been monitoring this thread for a little while. I don’t quite share the sentiment of the discussion personally, as I feel like my FP4 still lets me do everything I want to do with it (not that I don’t understand other people’s disappointment!), but I do feel slightly disappointed about how there’s no updates and no updates about updates.

The monthly Android updates are a way to mitigate security issues, and the fact that we’ve fallen about three months behind is concerning. I can cook up tons of scenario’s for why this is the case, but the only verifiable fact is that the monthly update cadence has been broken. I know that this update schedule hasn’t been a promise, but it’s an anomaly I’m nonetheless unhappy with. By the very least I’d appreciate a bit of an explanation for why we haven’t even seen a “regular” Android 11 update.

@formerFP.Com.Manager @Blaffi can I request you to provide us just with a quick status update? Even just sth along the lines of “we’ve been working hard on X but are having trouble with stability/bug Y/passing conformance testing. We’re doing Z to mitigate” would help calm the nerves a bit, even without the promise of a timeline. :wink: I’ve always appreciated an “it’s done when it’s done” attitude to software, I wouldn’t want to use known-problematic systems, so better to release late than half-finished. But openness about the process helps with our attitudes and judgement of the product!


I’d like to think it is because they are putting all the efforts into the A12 for the FP3 and the FP4, not that I care either way. Querying can only slow it all down or rushing people is unhealthy and leads to errors.

Also anyone with a serious concern can contact Fairphone and post the response publicly, rather than have a multitude of public outpouring of misgivings.

It’s a bit sad but maybe no so bad.

It’s a good job there wasn’t a promise of update date. :slight_smile:


Bold of you to assume they will get a response before Android 12 is released :wink:


You never disappoint, always here to do some damage control for FP. But it makes no sense at all to say this. This is not a good job at all…

Think a little broader than just your daughter using this phone. Let’s say your employees are all using this phone, and suddenly they don’t get updates for 3 months. All the security policies prohibit them to access company resources now and there is no word from FP. Good job?

And also, if a company cannot allocate the resources to update, fix and upgrade their software at the same time, but can only do one of those, then something is seriously understaffed or underskilled over there. You don’t stop applying security updates to work on a next release and knowingly put your customers at risk. What professional company does that in 2022?


Yes one of looking at it, the other is there are more important things to work on. It’s a phone, it works ??


There are a number of people unhappy with their purchase and voice it frequently and lay the blame on Fairphone…

I’m not into the blame game as such but may well respond to users who clearly want to voice their demands and misgivings about the phone and company.

But the thing is I don’t have the issues you have, I don’t run a company and I would not recommend the Fairphone to anyone. That said negativity prompts positivity if you polarise an issue as a general take it or leave it.

People are the problem with their demands and expectations, that Fairphone is a group of people and the users are a group of people then there will be conflicts of interest.

What it doesn’t equate to is to expect the other party’s support, sure people want it and ask for it, but demands ??? shoulds ???

They make a phone, some people buy into the ‘business’ some people are unhappy with the buy in.

And this topic is about the last update not really meant for whinging about the future, but hey if that’s what user want to do . . . .

The only classy thing about Fairphone is the fair trade, beat that if you can.

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I don’t believe in a blame game either. But we’re here discussing facts. There is no way to make this sound better than it is. They actively advertise this phone to be used by businesses. It’s also still on a list of possible options where I work. I also say positive things about FP. But I’m often forced to play the devil’s advocate here when people try to twist bad situations into something positive. That’s just wrong and unfair to the people that come here to read about this phone.

Luckily I’ll be taking a few weeks off from work. So I won’t be that much affected by this sudden lack of security updates being released and prohibit me from accessing my work profile. But if this happens every year, then we are without security updates for about a quarter per year. That’s shameful for a phone that’s released just a year ago. And it will not work for people that have security policies set by their work.

FP wants to change the market. And they do. But they are not an inspiration for software development. That needs to be said so that FP can see that they cannot treat their phones as prototypes anymore. There are people actually counting on them to deliver a secure and stable device. That’s not a big ask.


One fact is: your fact is not neccessarily my fact or the fact of someone else.

And yeah my fact is: I’m satisfied with all my Fairphones, I dont care about this delay on updates and stop telling me please my satisfaction is wrong and your dissatisfaction the only truth. Its my opinion and thats it.

Its completely inadequate to make fun of others here (not to say what it actually is).

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Forgotten about Snowden already? It’s a fact that if you don’t patch your device you risk your privacy. If you are satisfied with that, sure, don’t update your phone. But we don’t get that option. No one is getting security updates. So this impacts everyone, satisfied or unsatisfied, it doesn’t matter. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact and impacts everyone that has personal information on their phone, and everyone has that.


Yes but I don’t believe anyone or that many business could cope with the ‘troubles’, but I fall over for the fair trade

Twisting bad things only makes them palatable, bad is bad and that doesn’t change

Yes that’s a bit sad, no doubt the market will change, with or without Fairphone, they are just trying to jump on the fair trade bandwagon, could be less palatble.

One can be perfectly satisfied with a phone that has potential security vulnerabilities, in fact I am as well. This isn’t about being satisfied or being content with the features at this point in time, this is about security.

You can ignore security, but that doesn’t remove the risk and no amount of positive thinking will help there.


Is there any evidence, that skipping two patchdays is that dangerous?

Don’t get me wrong, I also think, that security updates are important, but you are giving the impression, that using a Fairphone 4 a t the moment is like telling everybody on the street your most personal secrets. I don’t believe so.


Someone would have to check the security bulletins for CVEs Fairphones are affected by:

But I’d argue, even if we aren’t directly affected by a chipset flaw, the Android security updates are missing for those running stock as well. Skipping security updates shouldn’t happen, what if we are the lucky ones next time …