Software update: FP4.FP3T.A.0107

Awesome that this is improved in some apps. But Signal voice messages are still unusable. :frowning:

After installing the update my Firefox PWA shortcuts disappeared from my home screen and my Bluetooth was suddenly on.

Other than that, great to see that some nice things were fixed. I’ve updated the list:


Recieved update (Simyo/Youfone - the Netherlands) and installed it easily.

@Aaanze is hirnsushi’s link what you need?

Hmm any way to manually flash it ? Like as simple as “ADB sideload” perhaps?
(one can dream)

You can try flashing it using “Apply update from ADB” in the Fairphone Recovery.
I’ve tried that before and it didn’t work, but it’s been a while and the phone was in a weird messed up state at that point after flashing all those boot.imgs :smirk:
Maybe you’ll have better luck with your fresh stock install :crossed_fingers:

I mostly collect those ota.zips just for fun and to have a look at the content, still waiting for a payload dumper that can actually produce usable partitions from a delta ota though…

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I just tried that for the sake of experimentation - after restoring non patched boot image ofc - and it failed.
Luckily it didn’t prevent me from booting back so there’s that.

A bit disappointing that you had to rely on the OS update feature knowing how unreliable it can be depending on country/carrier/settings-messed-with.
I wonder if there are full build package somewhere to download in the form of a zip, that I could tried to flash on top of mine ?

Yes it was, but doesn’t seem it can be flashed…

I had literally just noticed the low-volume-mike thing in WhatsApp voice calls (I can’t use normal voice calling at all because I have no mobile coverage in my study and iD Mobile hasn’t enabled WiFi calling for any Fairphones at all ever). The update appeared and fixed it five minutes later.

However you’re doing this psychic precognitive debugging, I wish I could do it too :slight_smile:


Yes :slight_smile: A.099 is available as full package, other versions are OTA-only

Yes this version of course is provided as a full package, however you can’t flash it without wiping your device :sweat_smile:

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Unfortunately I haven’t received it yet. My network is Medion in Germany, I’ve heard that they block updates sometimes. Any idea why? Can it be fixed?

Hi and welcome to the forum.
You clearly should ask Medion.

However OTA updates are sent from Fairphone to all major providers for testing first, so if a provider is not happy it does not get pushed to the end users.


About that I was wondering. If you never put any SIM card in the device, ie using it with WiFi exclusively, would you then never receive any OTA ?

That’s how I read it . . . .

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the first update caused the wifi and the 4g to work poorly, I did different tests with my provider and it had nothing to do with the sim card or with the state of the network on the side of the operator, then there is the fairphone update just before the last update and the problem had been solved, but since the last fairphone update, all the network problems have returned. how can i go back to the previous update?

I think its more that way, but dont have any proof to confirm this

when OEM release an update, they will push it to the carrier first to be approved. once that’s done, all the phones in that carrier will be notified of an update directly from OEM, not from carrier. so a sim card is not required

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At least the Google Assistent is now working just as reliable as on my Pixel, awesome.

That sounds like a terrible security issue to me…

I think for the security minded, not using a SIM, then it would be a manual update, which can take a bit longer, ~ for some ~ to acquire.

I don’t think that will happen. I guess there is a condition, if there is a carrier in charge, it’s up to them. No carrier? Then just get a vanilla ROM. My old phone was imported, so not supported by my carrier. I got updates like anyone else and no issues with carrier compatibility (other than no WiFi and 4G calling, but that’s okay).

That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Is somehow Fairphone blocking the process of pushing updates on devices that do not have a sim card to be sure they comply with some sort of carrier-validation ?
In which case it would be absurd that the user just had to remove the sim card to eventually acces an update that was not carrier-approved first…

I mean, there’s something weird around this carrier-approval thing.

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