Software Update: FP3 6.A.023.1 of 5 December 2023

Fairphone has announced (Twitter/X link) a new FP3 update.

Release notes are now online (17:00 Amsterdam time):

Fairphone OS version 023.1

Release date: 25th Dec 2023
Android version: 13
Software Version: 6.A.023.1
Security Patch Level: 5th Dec 2023


  • Videos will now be saved correctly when, during a recording, an incoming call is accepted.
  • The preview for Panorama mode has been fixed.
  • Miracast screen casting is now available again.

Update size: 25.01 MB

It will be rolled out in stages (20% of users each day) and I cannot retrieve it yet with the FP3.


I just checked and got the update, so it looks like I‘m part of the first batch.

P.S. Installed flawlessly and works. Lets see, whether I can spot anything unusual.


I’ve just installed the update !

I can confirm that Screen Casting through Miracast is working ! This feature was discontinued since the Android 13’s update, and now it’s back again.
For the record in my case, the “capability” (icon in the top bar) was already enabled after reboot, so to get it working I had to unckeck then re-check the “Enable wireless display” item (which is in the General Settings → “Connected devices” → “Connection preferences” → “Cast” → three dots menu in the top right-hand corner). After that, I selected a nearby screen then the phone connected well to it.

Thank you to Fairphone to keep the hard work to maintain the software.


Anybody knows why WiFi is disconnected when in standby, even in situations when no mobile reception is available? I’m not sure whether I see this since the last update or maybe before it. But I’m pretty sure it wasn’t like that before.

This happens to me on lineage OS as well when connecting to my FritzBox. Other Routers dont seem to have this issue with the Fp3. I thought it was a lineage issue.

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I still don’t see the update on my FP3 (see this topic). I should be able to update, right?

It seems like this update fixed a problem with NFC, that I have had. :+1: