Software Update: Android 11 for Fairphone 3 and 3+

Hi everyone,

We’re really happy to announce that Android 11 is now officially available for Fairphone 3 and 3+ users :iphone::tada:

Software Versions: 8901-4.A.0010 and 8901-4.A.0011
Security Patch Level: 5th of April, 2022
Update: OS upgrade to Android™ 11

Please note:

The staged roll out starts today. When available, you’ll receive a push notification to automatically update.

Two different software versions will cover different audiences, although there is no difference in terms of features or quality of the software.


Thanks @rae for this info!

Any further info about the differences of the version -or their target audiences- available?



According to a Fairphone Support article, a file for manual installation will be uploaded until 13 May [and can be expected to remain available afterwards, too :wink: ]



Not pushed to EE UK yet :rofl:
10th May 22:31 UK time
11th May 11:10

Can’t wait, Thx :pray: That’s why I love my FP3.


I am really stoked to recieve the Android 11 upgrade. Looking forward to many years to come hopefully.


I noticed that all the element on screen are a bit smaller than with Android 10. To fix this, I went to Settings → Display → Display size and change it to Large. After that, the size of the text and element is the same as I had it on Android 10.


Yes this was mentioned in the beta group. I did think of listing all the quirks but then thought it can make a mountain range out a a few mole hills.

Glad you worked around it. Mind you that’s not ideal for those that want it bigger :frowning: It was by design not an error ??

OK now available in the UK on EE by request.
Downloading now :slight_smile:
The 0010 version
Restarted but @littletijn strangly the text size hasn’t changed for me ???

Maybe it has a little but I had the Display > Font-size >Largest

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Everything seems all right! Good job! I really appreciate It!


Actually I would have preferred to see a list of all the known issues (even the small ones) before deciding to go for this update.
A small issue on a feature hidden deep in the Android menu for lots of people may be a major issue for some others depending on their usage.


I just tried the link (the large “- Fairphone OS (Android 10) -”) and my browser offers to download 1.2 GB.
Looks like it became available early :slight_smile:


No 4g since I updated and the 3g stops after some seconds :roll_eyes:

Network : Orange Belgium

Solved with a factory reset.


Had the same problem but everything seems to have come back to normal after a reboot


It’s an in-place upgrade to a new major OS version. It’s nice to see it working out well for users, but nobody can guarantee this.
If it was me, i would (in the following order until something succeeds, hopefully) …

  • Turn off the phone (not just a reboot, real shutdown), then turn it on again
  • Reseat the SIM card while the phone is turned off (can’t hurt)
  • Network reset (search the Settings for “reset” and go with “Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth” or similar)
  • Factory reset (search the Settings for “reset”, will delete user data as well as Apps installed by the user and their data)
  • OS install from scratch
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Problem solved after a factory reset. A simple network reset was not enough.

I updated my previous post with the solution.


Great news, looking forward to install this after a couple of days - just in case some show stoppers come up :innocent:

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Just a clarification Urs. The word “until” might lead some people to conclude that the manual download is only available for a very short time (up to 13/05 but not beyond).
The article states The Android 11 package will be uploaded no later than May 13th 2022 - in other words it will be available on 13th May at the latest. In fact it is already available (as noted by Ingo) and will presumably remain so for as long as is useful. So don’t panic folks! I write this as I myself had a sudden doubt and downloaded it on general principles.

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@amoun It did as far as I see also increase the size of the font. Although I have set the font size to Medium and only changed the display size to Large. That might explain it.

Are you sure? The file name is the latest A10 Version, if I remember correctly.A11 Build number on my FP3 is 8901.4.A.0010 (FP3.4.A.0010)


What’s the filename of the file you downloaded?
Right now the download on offer matches the Android 10 filename given on the page. Did they slide in the Android 11 download for a while?