Software Update: Android 11 for Fairphone 3 and 3+

Hi and welcome. Have you tried to restart the phone? You can try to take our SIM card(s) and check if available via Wifi, if not which SIM Provider do you have? Which Android 10 Version exactly do you have installed, you can check under settings, about the phone, build number

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hi, rebooting and searching without a SIM both didnt work, I’m afraid.
The current Android version on the FP3 is 8901.3.A.0136, so the last update before the Android 11 update.

Hi there,
As yvmuell asked, could you indicate your network operator (carrier) and country? Unavailability of updates is usually linked to the carrier.

In all cases you should #contactsupport about this, Fairphone need to know otherwise they can’t act.

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The carrier is SFR, located in France.
However, even w/out the SIM card it won’t update, so maybe I could install Android 11 manually with this guide :

You could, however in case your bootloader is not already unlocked, all your data will be erased and you have to setup from scratch. In case you dont want to contract support you can try a SIM from another provider

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So that’s two or three in this thread with SFR who haven’t received the update.
@tb06 , @clemsys do you have any news?

@Honeyxilia as yvmuell says make sure you have recent viable backup before unlocking the bootloader! If you’re doing standard Gg backups make sure it’s up to date and you should be OK.

Edit - P.S. - don’t forget that relocking the bootloader will also delete your data, so don’t do much except updating the OS, between unlocking and relocking.

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Hello @OldRoutard,
No news on my side, I’m still under Android 10 with no proposal to migrate:
“Your system is up to date, last safety Android update on March 5th, 2022”

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It’s not enough to just remove the SIM card. I think the easiest way is to get a SIM card from another provider or ask your friends if you can use their SIM card to install the update…


Yes. @Honeyxilia you should be all right with Free if you know anyone.

The trouble with this approach of course, is that if FP in collaboration with the carrier, have tweaked (or planned to tweak) the patch to conform with some specificity on the carrier side, then you’re not going to get the correct tweak and that may lead to other problems down the road. But it’s fairly often done.


I am also in France, but my carrier is Orange. I got the update notification very promptly (and the update worked just fine after taking precautions about the Google Camera Internal/SD storage issue), which suggests it is an issue with SFR. However, there are at least two caveats: (1) I brought ny FP3 at the local Orange shop; and (2) My phone is known-to(? registered-with?) Fairphone, due to a previous support issue. I have no idea if either caveat is of any importance.

Hi, I did it and it worked !! tysm :))


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Hi everyone:

Here is the answer from the Fairphone support team regarding this upgrade not available on the French network SFR:

Unfortunately with the latest update, there were issues with compatibility and the SFR network infrastructure.
Therefore they have not pushed the update onto its users. They fear that there maybe be connection issues if done. They are the only carrier in Europe to have this issue, and we are looking to resolve this with our next update. We apologise for the delay, and thank you for your patience!


Thanks tb06 for relaying this useful information.
It shows, as I have already remarked above, that borrowing SIMs to force an update may not always be a good idea and users do this at their own risk.


Thanks for the info.
I wasn’t aware of this incompatibility warning and did the update manually on July (had to reinstall every app :frowning: ). I suffer from no issue at all on the SFR network.

Quick settings tray/drawer or pull down menu. This does not get fixed with the increased display resolution. If anyone knows the solution let me know, it’s driving me nuts :sweat_smile:

Oh no it’s not a bug it’s a feature :sob:


FYI: with update Software Update: 8901.4.A.0017.3-gms-15368f27 the Sound Recorder app got enabled!

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Regarding the fact that Android 11 upgrade was not offered for users under the French SFR network, it seems to have been fixed with last version 8901.4.A.0017.3 that I was able to install properly :slightly_smiling_face:.
And I now have sometimes 4G+ connection (previously I didn’t have more than 4G with SFR) :slightly_smiling_face:.


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