Software Update: Android 11 for Fairphone 3 and 3+

Yes in Android 10 I did that with 5Ghz, but Android 11 is not the same :frowning:

Android version doesn’t matter here. You can choose the suitable SSID with Android 10 and 11 as well.

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How so? If you don´t save the PW for the unwanted SSID (in my case the 5 GHz) or delete it in your wireless settings, then the phones only choice left is the 2,4 GHz network, isn´t it?

Yes at home with full control of the router I can set different SSIDs but when out and about, with Android 11, I cannot completely disable either 2.4GHz or 5GHz. I can only select whether to have each connect automatically or not.

And of course when out and about I don’t know what is being offered and having them both on automatic can be disruptive when the phone decides to switch, because it thinks it can decide for me. :frowning:

Yep. This is the same problem I have with /e/ Android 10.
Hopefully they will address this problem in the Android 11 stable.

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no Wifi on company networks
I noticed I could no longer connect to my company because the WiFi details now request to fill in a domain name and also refuse the option to not verify the certificate. The reason is the new hightened security imposed by Google as from Android 11.

This has nothing to do with Fairphone but is a Google choice from Android 11 onwards : it is no longer possible to connect to an unencrypted enterprise network. The only solution is for the company IT admin to secure the network WiFi connections with standard encryption on the server side.
Unfortunately (also for me) many company networks still use only a username and password to allow a WiFi device to connect.

Source: › android-11-break-enterprise-wifi-connection

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Since Android 11, I notice much slower response when switching between apps.

The phone/apps in general are still as snappy as before. Just switching between open apps is slower and sometimes takes 2, 3 seconds. This was not the case with Android 10.

Anybody else experiencing the same?

Most operators of such networks have the certificate file readily available, and the domain is just the part after the @ sign in your username; if your username doesn’t look like an e-mail, it’s often simply the company’s internet domain name without www.

Hi, new on this forum.
Has a lot of problems after Android upgrde.

  • Problem when loosing wifi, also mobile data was disconnected. Solved changing the SIM.
  • Problem with the default camera aplication as showed on this forum.
  • Sometimes when I save audio, i.e. on mesenger aplications, it could be not heard. It is solved rebooting.
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Thank you for your response and welcome to the Fairphone forum!
Well I’m not saying it’s difficult too implement, but I can only report that my employer, with 80.000+ employees, has not encrypted the wifi network and is apparently a bit too scared to implement the security process and for the extra work it could bring, also educating all those colleagues…

It rings in the earpiece when dialing but as soon as the connection is made, it’s speaker phone.

Have you seen this?



I recently installed a portable SD card in my Fairphone 3+ and would like to save my photos on the SD card. In my camera app, I changed the storage to “SD Card” however, once I leave the settings, the storage changes itself back to “Phone,” and when I take a picture, it is still saved on the internal storage.
Does anyone know how to fix that?

Thanks and kind Regards

Hi and welcome

This is known and discussed elsewhere, will probably have your query moved there :slight_smile:

Looks like Fairphone OS is not downloadable at the moment. Can anyone check, and fix?

Hi and welcome to the forum but as it is a user forum the ‘anyone’ doesn’t stretch to fixing the forum site or the viability of links.

You may like to contact support at fairphone do though it is likely to be a short downtime.

All the best


I would contact Fairphone Support and tell them the link on gives a 404 error. The only way you can be sure it’s the official FairphoneOS is if Fairphone gives the download.


Hey everyone, do you think if it’s normal I have still not got the update to android 11 ? The updater says my system is up to date (android 10 with android security update 5 march).

Normal? maybe for your network. Common accross all networks no!

But what network are you on as that is usually the sticking point.

The staged roll out starts today.
Software Update: Android 11 for Fairphone 3 and 3+

That was May 10th so you are late in the picking order.

Hello dear compatriot @clemsys,

I’m in the same situation than you: no upgrade available at this time.
I’m using two SIM cards: the main one under SFR network and the second one under Free Mobile network.

Wait & see!
I just hope not to get an upgrade reminder notification during my whole holidays :wink: