Software Update: Android 11 for Fairphone 3 and 3+

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Yes see

However there’s an indication that this option may be introduced by Fairphone on the default camera at the next A11 update :slight_smile:
Either that or it would make sense to get rid of the defunct option.

A little on my problems with not able to connect to my Wifi - its not gone. I found that you can reset network connections, but that didn’t help either. If I can’t find anything else, I will factory-reset it tomorrow and hope that this will finally help.

If it doesn’t, you can still reinstall the OS. In the Android world the so-called factory reset mainly deletes your data as well as Apps you installed and their data. The OS is left as is.


This may be the right track. I had problems with my own router until I discovered it was still offering a deprecated authentication. The ideal at the moment seems to be WPA3-Personal.
Don’t forget, every time you change the router’s settings, to “forget” the network(s) on the phone and connect afresh.
Have you successfully connected the FP3 to other Wi-Fi networks since updating?

Where can we find the Android 10 installation file for the FP3+?
I need to downgrade it back to A10, but Fairphone isn’t providing it anymore. Rather annoying, since they still offer all the downloads of older OS for FP2.

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Hi Amoun! Thanks for the links, but this one is not working for me (it asks for a login and password, I think it’s only for admins?)

Best thanks

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Looks like that one is no longer available.

The preceding one is available on the same page:

Download :
Make sure you choose “Save link as” or whatever your browser equivalent is.

Be aware you’ll be losing security updates by doing this. You may also experience other problems by taking it down a major version.


I made a ticket about this issue, because the connection from my FP3+ to my Fritz!box 5530 router is abysmal on the 5Ghz band in Wifi5 mode.

On any channel (32-128) the download link is switching continuously from 120mbit to 7mbit or connection fails on the higher channel (64 and up)
I switched the wifi settings on my Fritz box from wifi6 or wifi5 to wifi4, and the problem is gone. However my other devices suffer from this low bandwidth ( from 700mbit down to 150mbit max).

On lineageOS this problem is gone btw.

Not heard from Fairphone yet.


I wonder if other people have this weird thing with the Wifi pulldown menu showing a different connected wifi network than in reality.

I noticed this because I have two wifi networks at home. The FP3+ switches automatically to the other wifi network if the other one is out of range but it still shows up as the connected wifi network in the pulldown menu.
Made two screenshots of it:

Thank you, OldRoutard!
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Thanks Martine for your advice, only those with Fritz!boxes can help at this level of detail :smiley:

A lot of people will be able to manage with 100 Mbps or so. It seems to me preferable to downgrading the Android version.

That’s very useful info too. I was persuaded it’s a hardware thing. So, hope for the Fritzers!

However your second post about wrong Wi-Fi network name is also ROM-related. In FPOS the network name isn’t shown in quick settings (unless there’s an option somewhere?) Were those screenshots from Lineage ?

I do believe it’s a FP3+ issue with wifi5 and Fritz!Box.

Before I switched my internet provider I had small issues on wifi5 with that router. (connectivity with channels, 110 and up.) With the Fritz!box the other devices in my network had no issue at all except for the FP3+

About the quick settings, yes those screenshots are with the stock Android 11 ROM. You have to pulldown twice, 1 from the notification bar and 1 on the quick settings buttons when you’ve pulled down.

There were problems with FP2 as well. Sorry, I’m confused now. Are you saying this is a hardware incompatibility of some sort FP3 / Fritzbox, or are you saying this is ROM/OS - related because you don’t have the problem when you run Lineage on a FP3?

RE quick settings my fault, I’d never noticed the current network name was shown in quick settings. And when I checked earlier, my phone was disconnected (I’ve been working on a Wi-Fi related problem and had forgotten to reconnect!)

However I do see the correct name, but admittedly don’t switch networks at home (or indeed much anywhere else).

Nope. Mine shows FRITZ!box 7530 5G on both

That’s nice. Do you have another router at home to check after the FP connects to it?

I do think it’s an OS/ROM issue on the FP3+ since I don’t experience the wifi5 issue on lineageOS with the Fritz!box.

To be more precise: I don’t experience this issue on LineageOS with the exact same settings on the Fritz!Box router. I disabled the 2.4Ghz band for wifi5.


Not currently, just two SSIDs for 2.4GHz and 5GHz

Well, it didn’t. Factory-Reset, still can’t connect. Same useless error message, this time during installtion. Currently trying to reinstall manually, but got stuck at unlocking the bootloader, as windows doesn’t offer me the option to install any google drivers, manually installing them is refused and FP3 is stuck at device state locked in fastboot. This is just keep getting better…

€dit: for some reason, Windows 10 just decided to offer me the Google driver…


Yes, the correct driver for Android & ADB is offered in the standard Windows 10 update interface as an option.

Sokar, it might be useful to know the make and model of your router. Sorry didn’t look far enough back.