Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 (unknown caller and zero brightness bugs)

The most basic use of a phone is (was?) to phone, not to know who is calling you…

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why are you defending Fairphone in this incident? Do you really want to discuss, whether showing the calling number is an essential function of any phone with a display in the last 30 years?

Like i wrote yesterday, I don’t get the point of this discussion. Fairphone messed up, their communication is bad and no fix is rolled out after nearly 2 months. They can stick the sustainable hardware up their a** if they fail on the software part.


Why is that relevant to my text you reply to? Why are you gaslighting? My Fairphone will be delivered on November 1st. I will try it out. And of course technology should make my life easier, not harder. That’s why I don’t get those replies by people like you, that somehow the solution is a voicemail. That’s not the hallmark of problem-solving and problem identification skills. Stop with these impractical solutions, they make no sense and they pollute the conversation here.


Fairphone 3 with unkown caller bug is a phobe you cant phone with. As affected by this bug it is normally not a good way to use an communicate a new phone number (hey people i own a fairphone. yes a paid more for less but please use a new number as it has problems)

Using 2G works, but it is not really a smartphone any more.

But even if its frustrsting every day since weeks - bugs ma occur. But a dont understand why it is not possible to say clearly WHEN the next Update will come and if a fix will be included.

Are they without any plan, deadline? Thats bit the way to work in a business in 2021.

I saw a lot good things (updating fp2), but as the needed spare part wasn available and a new fp3 can not be used both for phone and mails for now nearly two month I dont see a reason to buy ANY new fairphone.

Please do your self a favor, update and communicate. You have useless fp3 app on the phone…


I am sorry, that is the stupidest statement in mobilphonehistory to 2021. Reminds me of applefanboyism, who will defend the company to the death, even knowing very well they fucked it up bad.


Hi Welcome to the forum, hopefully you will know this is not the best way to communicate your demands and view to Fairphone as this is a user forum.

@Martin_Mattausch-Wie @Alain_Guillet @LordNerevar @brabird etc.

There is now a thread dedicated to complaining about Fairphone’s update issues.

This topic could be better used to noting issues and offering temporary workarounds, as otherwise helpful ideas get lost in the debris left by the venting of anger.

And this useless app recieved an UPDATE YESTERDAY!!

Yeah you keep saying that ever so often… you should put that on a t-shirt.

And you yourself made this one… why? I have read the stuff thats there right now… As expected you! do the same stuff as in this tread. Downplaying the issue and tell people to go the emailway with fp-support.

By the way, the title of this tread is: “Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 (unknown caller and zero brightness bug)”

Guess what: The complaints have to do with the update AND the bugs.

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I don’t understand why they didn’t just roll back to the last working version for now, but include the security update(s).


Probably as they considered removing other ‘improvements’, fixes and the August 5th Security update, which was also a bit late, may effect more customers that the new ‘issues’.

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That wasn’t the original title. It was a notification by Fairphone entitled

Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805

Someone has chosen to add the ‘bugs’ ?? bit

most smartphone manufactures provide Android security patches months after release. I received some security patches on my last Samsung phone nearly 6 months after the original release by Google. If your phone runs out of maintenance, you receive no security patches at all. Updates for the core OS (Android) are not equal to updates for apps provided by the Google store.

Compared to this politic, Fairphone tries to keep their phones alive by providing security updates fast and for a long time. So far so positive.

Let’s look into the change log of the current update as posted in the first post of this thread be a Fairphone representative:

out of 5 changes, 2 seems to be glichted… great work. There are no other great improvements, just fixes. If Fairphone would role back this update, you would lose zero new features or improvements. You can compare it to Windows cumalative updates. These don’t add anything, they just fix issues. If you want new features, update your applications.

That’s why it seems as a viable option to role back this glitched update till it’s sufficent checked and patched.

At least the starter of this thread @rae could make an official statement concerning the estimated time till next update. That would cool down the conversation in this thread. This is the official Fairphone forum and here are Fairphone employees around. Instead you are advocating in favor of a company you are not connected to. Why?

If Fairphone would deliver a patch and fix their mess, this thread could be closed. Me personaly would prefer a yearly, sufficient tested Android (11/12/…) update instead of security updates every few months for an obsolete version of this operating system.


As many here have pointed out, this is not an “issue”, it is a major bug. It heavily influences the way you can use the phone. I am not affected by it but I can not understand why several people here talk that down.

And in a normal dev team I would expect that you can revert the parts, responsible for the bug while keeping other changes.


That’s really not as easy as it sounds. It actually makes a lot of sense to put th fix into the next update instead of breaking the work cycle and try to revert an update without reverting security updates.

There’s still one solution that has received little attention here: Downgrade your phones version yourself. Requires you to unlock the bootloader, but then you are in total charge of your device and can control every aspect.


I have to say I was surprised when I read you bought a FP4 since you spent your time saying how bad were the choices made and how great is the Pixel.

I have almost no doubt you will send your FP4 back before 2 weeks or you won’t use it yourself. But I hope I am wrong.

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Except. As a every day normal guy, that never have downgraded anything in his life and only want the phone to work as phone… i should not have to do that.

I only was trolling since the comment I replied mentioned the first goal of a phone is to phone. You have the right to disagree but you don’t need to know who is calling you for this.

You never have been called by some friendly microsoft employie from india or a “german” woman with the stongest east-european accent who works for vodafone before… havent you?

Read all my posts. I said it is abnormal, I gave possible solutions for helping people touched waiting for the fix but people complaining only say it is bad and all solutions are bad.

I am touched by the auto brightness bug. First it bothers me having a black screen without warning. I waited and finally I decided to turn off this functionality. I find abnormal the bugs are still here and I acted to minimise it’s impact on me. The bug of the caller ID is worse but I think it is more useful to act and try some of the solutions people gave instead of just complaining. Maybe it is a matter of generation or culture.

Anyway, this is my last comment on this thread that is turning around. Sorry for stopping like this.


Last time I answer you.

I live in a country where there is no Vodafone. I work with many foreigners, being one myself, and have no problem with Indian accent or other accent. I do an effort being already happy when people contact me.


There ar no indian microsoft employies or east-europoean vodafone employies that call you… They are scammers…

do you not have those where you life? I believe half of germany will get this joke.