Software Update: 3.A.0129.20210805 (unknown caller and zero brightness bugs)

I have made the suggestion to call support at Vodafone Germany, as it might be possible that they had to reapply/modify their server profile for the FP3(+)…

Same problem here, since the last update I have no caller IDs from incoming calls anymore. The option “Enhanced 4G LTE Mode” is not available and 3G is not available here in germany anymore. My provider is WeTell who uses the Vodafone network as well.
Just contacted the support. Using the fairphone without caller IDs from incoming call is not an option for me.

I think it is important that everybody who is concerned by the “unknown caller” s**t write a ticket to the Fairphone Support! So the FP team realizes that this is not an minor bug and we will get a prompt solution!

Fairphone are likely to respond to this topic, as they created it, there is also more user ideas at

Yes i cleared data of the carrier services application. But still it doesn’t work.

And of course last thursday i wrote the Support Team. But i’m still waiting for an answer.


Hi everyone,

Regarding the “unknown caller” issue, we apologise for the inconvenience caused. Thanks to those of you who have flagged it here and with our customer support team. This is currently being investigated and as soon as we have more information to share, I will update this topic.


Has anyone else has an issue with charging speed since the update?

It seems that my phone is much more likely to get stuck on slow charging since the update, though thankfully not always.

Same issue here.

Works fine when 4G is switched off. But no option since connection speed is reduced a lot.
Provider: vodafone
mobile: FairPhone 3

Any news on potential updates or hotfix?


Welcome to the community forum.

Not in the last 3.5 hours or so.


Hi,Just Drive through the netherlands. Here 4g works fine with Vodafone. But in Germany IT IS Always unkown ID.


I also have the same problem: since the Android update, my incoming calls are shown as “unknown” (FP3, Vodafone).
Has anyone found a solution yet ?

Hi @KatharinaS Welcome to the forum. Please see the post two above your query.

Rae is the Fairphone employee that created this topic, so we are waiting to hear from Rae. The solution may take a while and it maybe a Vodafone issue.

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“currently being investigated” - my phone is quite useless since this bug. Please get back to the last Version and de-roll the Update. Otherwise I gonna use warranty and give back the phone.


Youre right! Please bring the phones back to the pre-update version and do the investigations later.
We need a working phone!

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Has anyone tried a factory reset, yet?

That may not be practical given that security updates are the main reason for the update, and the issues don’t stop the phone from being useful.

As Rae said it is deemed more an ‘inconvenience’ than a serious problem.

Regarding sending the phone back, do you mean for repairs, hoping Fairphone will resolve it for you, or are you wanting a refund?


Which brings me to the question: As always this was a staged rollout. Would be interesting to know if:

  • the rollout has been stopped when people reported the display-going-dark-issue.
  • the rollout has been stopped when people reported about the unknow-caller-bug.
  • the rollout has not been stopped at all.

Of course this will not change anything. But it would be interesting to know how Fairphone handles this incidents to protect their customers. Maybe @rae could give some insight?


Yes I have done a complete factory reset (four or five times). But it was a stupid idea…
That solves nothing because the software is still 3.A.0129.20210805!
But now I’m in trouble with all my baking apps!

Don’t do this!!!


This bug only seems to effect a small number of networks and clearly ‘Vodafone’ in this case didn’t check it very well on all their carriers when when it was sent to them for approval, so they will no doubt give feedback to Fairphone as to any adjustments that can be made.

So the rollout won’t be stopped for ‘Vodafone’s’ caller ID issue as, many, maybe most networks don’t have this issue.

On the ambient light issue, it would seem it’s such a minor inconvenience in terms of the usability that again there would be little sense in stopping or rolling back the whole security update for such an issue.


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