Software update: 3.A.0066.20201119

Hi @rae,
thank you for the good news!
Just to give a positive feed back (among all the complaints…:wink: ): I installed the incremental update (round about 75 MB) and all was easy going (first (re)boot takes a few seconds more, setting up the new system… be patient).

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You may well be correct, however it’s not possible to hold back the updates from some operators if you don’t know who they are, so there must be an existing list of both those it has been sent to and those it hasn’t.

The alternative is to send to all services and see which have problems, which makes more sense. They feedback will provide info on how the update needs to be changes for individual service providers.

Hope i don’t sound insensitive and i don’t expect my concerns to be taken into account, it would just be nice to know where i am in the heirarchy of consumers.

Got it :slight_smile: Software update: 3.A.0066

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Please also take note of this bug list. :slight_smile:
The obsolete camera software is also a point.


Finally i got an update until yesterday (my FP3+ was still on 3.A.0033 - July 5th) - now i can’t enable wifi calling (prefer wifi) the option is no longer available - i used to be able to preferer mobile or wifi for wifi-calling. For me this is a huge issue - because in my house i can roam between 3-4 different cell towers. With prefer wifi - no roaming.

Anyone seing the same issue and have found a workaround ?

On the positive side i have not seen a spontanious reboot since i manually rebooted it this morning to se if it helped (dit not)

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Could you quote the build numbers when referring to an update. It’s difficult to know what the ‘latest’ update means.


Reverse reading: Maybe the FP3 does not support VoWiFi for some networks anymore due to recent incompatibilities/difficulties?

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I have just tested in flight mode with wifi enabled - and VoWiFi actually works also om my carrier - but i can’t set the preference for using wifi over mobile anymore.

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@ gyldenro

I had the same issue on earlier update. The problem seemed to be that my carrier didn’t connect without me having to use the sim card for the carrier to recognise me and send me update their related info.

So I get the wifi calling now only when there is a connection, there is no visible option if wifi isn’t on, and I usually have to restart the phone if the wifi connection is lost.

I don’t have this new update, so my experience is a bit dated (5th Oct)

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Good point. Maybe it helps to call carrier support and ask them to send their specific carrier configuration for the FP3+ again.

Apologies I didn’t read your post properly.
“but i can’t set the preference for using wifi over mobile anymore.”
Yes I had to toggle to flight mode too

Just received notification that update is available. This is on EE in the UK so will see how it goes.

UPDATE 1: Carrier name is fixed, it used to say Virgin, now says EE :slightly_smiling_face:

UPDATE 2: I don’t have to restart the phone to use wifi calling if the wifi signal is lost and then found. Notable as I consume off grid from batteries so switching off router and ONT multiple times a day. :smiley:

UPDATE 3: Hands~free is still very rough in both directions, maybe less echo/feedback :frowning:
@rae “Fixed an issue that was causing users (under certain conditions), to experience more echo than normal on VoIP phone calls when in speaker mode”

I should point out that the UPDATE 3: issue is with the FP3+ and using wifi calling, maybe the FP3 has more suitable mic and speakers ??

UPDATE 3a: @rae It seems that when using hands-free/speaker phone there is an amplitude modulator that increases the volume when sound is low, where there’s a pause in conversation for example and then cannot compensate quickly enough when speech begins and it is too loud and tends to distort. (using wifi calling by the way)


Hi guys, yesterday I installed the latest update on my FP3, build number 8901.3.A.0066.20201119
I woke up to a basically empty battery (I don’t plug it in during the night). Power consumpetion seems to have spiked up from 1.2%/hour with screen off (91% of the time in deep sleep) to ~2%/hr (again with ~90% time in deep sleep).

I didn’t install any app. Did someone else noticed an increase in energy consumption in deep state/screen off?
Since I updated as well app from google play store I’m trying to pin down who could be the culprit.

Fixed an issue that was causing the Google Search Bar not to be correctly displayed on the home screen when using Gestures.

Sadly, this is not fixed. Previously, when I switched to gestures, the search bar would be not be displayed correctly after a few minutes. After updating yesterday it worked fine, but this morning, it would again overlap with the lower icons.

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Could you post a screenshot, please? Thanks in advance.

this has been fixed for me

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After updating my apps, I checked for a software update and was quite surprised that an update was available, b/c I didn’t get any notice! Installation of the update went w/o any problems, but you may want to revise the notification process for my provider (Telekom.de).
THX anyway, I really appreciate the frequent security updates, a stark contrast to Samsung (security patch level of my Tab S3: 03/01/2020).

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Yes! I reported this noisy bug two times in different situations. Well done! Now, just wait!

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I don’t recieve the update yet. I live in Italy, phone buy thanks to Vodafone; is there any kind of problem releated to? Thank you!


What version are you currently using?

It would be nice to know which providers are pushing out the updates. You mention Vodafone are they the provider you are using in Italy?

My OS build is 8901.3.A.0054.20200929
and yes, Vodafone is my provider. This delay is strange because I recieved the 0054 update regulary (2 days before Fairphone updated the FP3 OS releases)…
Do the providers release the update? … I always thought was FB itself.