Software state of the FP1(u)? Kernel, Custom ROMs and Ubuntu Touch?

As Fairphone wrote in their blog, they got the sources etc of the Fairphone 1. Can you download these sources somewhere? contains some (maybe all) sources, but as the last update was on July 20th I don’t think these are the “complete” sources. chrmhoffmann wrote on xda

Without MTK sources, you won’t be able to make a full functioning rom.

Are these “new” sources the MTK sources or something different? I hope you can understand what I mean :wink:


The way I understand it is this: Fairphone got the sources and are able to work on builds without relying on third parties eventually. However it does not sound like they have acquired the licenses to publish the source code. I guess they may only use it internally.

That would mean they have the MTK sources internally (or at least blobs with which they are able to create builds) but they are in no position to share them with us.

Please correct me if I’m wrong. I would very much appreciate that :wink:



I’m not an expert in this field but I’ll answer on behalf of our software team. Fairphone only has access to the source code for Fairphone 1(U) but it is not ours to publish. This step of gaining access will allow us to deliver security updates for the years to come. We plan to build on our ambitions for long-lasting, open software for Fairphone 2 by publishing the source code.



Okay thank you for the answer! What are the chances that we will be seeing Cyanogenmod / newer Android / Ubuntu Touch for the FP1(u)?

The recent development changes nothing in the odds of seeing CM or Ubuntu Touch on the FP1(u). Unless the sources are released (which Fairphone cannot do themselves), these odds will not change, as Fairphone is unlikely to have the resources to create complete new OS versions by themselves. The newer Android version is slightly more likely, but as explained at the end of the article in first link posted by Joe this is still a long way away from being likely to happen.


I still think this should be another crowdfunding campaign, as suggested and in other posts.

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Does anyone have the files:

md5sum ba524ae0d59125809d0c08b59e664a65

md5sum a5fc95a59748d08c0944420b8ddcd026

since is down…

Here you go (apparently an older version):

INVALID: Jeah I already found that but the md5sum doesn’t match… should be md5sum 78a79f83bb2fc52b5bb6074df04d6892, but it is b0081650e0e3677dc0c2f38ad76282e0
EDIT NEW: Sorry, I misread the post on XDA, kk.0.1 is the newest one and the md5sum is right!
NEXT EDIT: flashed the recovery and works well! thanks!

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