Software problems: 3 disturbing mistakes

Hello support team,
Since I bought the phone I still have there severe software problems. The first problem is with calling and listening to tone messages. Whenever someone calls me or I am calling somebody I am not longer able to use my device. The screen gets dark and the phone won´t react to pressing the key on the side, the only option I have to get out of that situation is to remove the battery. the same for tone messages on threema and Whatsapp. Furthermore I cannot use the keyboard any longer. when writing on Whatsapp or threema I can´t type “w”, whenever I do that fairphones makes “q” and “e” out of it, the same for “s”. it seems that the keyboard isn´t correctly adjusted. Aditionally today the fairphone did whatever it wanted without my control. it opened many apps without my control, it played youtube video without my control in a very fast speed. The only option I had to stop that disaster was to remove the battery. Dear support team as you see there are many problems. I hope you can help me to remove these problems easily. I did already contact you guys with my email, but that didnt solve my problems. if this is not possible I would like to have a new fairphone 2. I know it is not the fault of you guys but I am exhausted to deal with the everyday problems of the phone.
Have a nice day and thank you for your work!

Fairphone doesn’t see the forum as support channel, but rather as a place for community discussion (see the welcome banner). (And the community moderators here are also not Fairphone staff). Official support seems to still be dealing with a backlog, on which they are trying to catch up. If there’s a rush, some people on the forum have had success calling them. Details are at the bottom of the support pages on the main site.
In the meantime, I’ve linked the forum topics that discuss the issue that you are having below.


Cleaning the sensor might have been a solution in some cases, but I can report that the phone does not recognize when the phone is held to the ear during a call. Sensor functionality itself is ok according to a sensor test app.

Wow! Thanks Johannes for your quick and detailed answer. I will check these things tomorrow. Have a nice evening

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Hello. I couldnt solve the named problems. I want to get it replaced. What are the steps to get it repaired or get a new one? I cant contact someone by phone. During painitng with the kid app i realized that the left side of the screen is not usable. And cleening the Sensor didnt help. I am tired of dealing with that phone. Sorry i just want a running device. Thank you!

You’ll need to contact support directly (Fairphone doesn’t see the forum as a support channel, but as a community effort - the community moderators are also not Fairphone staff, so we don’t have influence on what they do/don’t do). You mention you already filed a support request - it seems to take a couple of weeks for them reply at the moment (which they’re admitting isn’t the way it should be), if you’ve been waiting longer the only thing that sometimes helps on the forum is responding in this topic. Outside of the forum, calling them has also been successful for some people (details at the bottom of the support pages).

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