Software news - week of 8 December 2014

This week there’s a lot going on in Fairphone software.

  1. We have posted 4 job vacancies for the software team. We’d love to recruit from the community and the forum so please share with your networks:
  • Android Build and Release Engineer, Android Platform Developer, Android Application Developer,(Junior) Android / Embedded Software Developer
  1. The software blog on FP1/U support and our approach to software is out now.

  2. The latest software update, v1.8, is almost ready to go. We have partnered with a company on a pilot program that does interactive tutorials, and these new use cases (how to update; how to use the new launcher) will come along with the tutorials. We hope to push these out in a few days.

Go ahead and take a look at the release notes for v1.8 and see what’s to come:

Thanks for your patience as we worked to get all these items out!


Awesome, looking forward to the software update! :wink:

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Hello everyone,

This is my first post and I am very happy with my FP1U.
I want to know if this update (v1.8) fixes the “DoubleDirect” bug (FP1U is affected).

Thanks and sorry for my bad English.

iOS, Android and Mac OS X usually accepts ICMP redirect packets by default.

On the mobile side, most Android devices (galaxy series) with the accept_redirect field enabled by default
To disable you need to root your device and execute:

echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/all/accept_redirects[/quote]
I cannot find the directory /proc/sys/net on the Fairphone, so I would say FP is not affected (I am using OS version 1.6). @Sietse, could you possibly verify this?

Great, I’m going to try that ASAP.

Security fixes were completed for CVE-2014-6041 and CVE-2013-6272. Also, the following Android security fixes have been integrated: ANDROID-10227498, ANDROID-10148349, ANDROID-9950697, ANDROID-9695860, ANDROID-8617715, ANDROID-8476102 and ANDROID-8219321.

Special thanks for those! Keep up the good work!

Some of these bugs are rather nasty, allowing 3rd parties to trick you into installing application updates, which is a notorious problem on Android. Which is a very good reason, in my opinion, to keep Android up-to-date (nod in the direction of @Herve5 :wink: ). I’m looking forward to read about future software development on Wednesday! And I’m really hoping FP finds some top-notch developers! Yay! \o/

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Hot off the press, the blog post has gone up today :smiley:


I moved 2 posts to an existing topic: Discussion “Our approach to FP1(U) software and ongoing support…”

so does 1.8 include the unified storage for automatically!? I read it twice but still don’t know… thanks in advance!

Hi @rainer_zufall, good question!

Upgrading to 1.8 does not include the storage upgrade for FP1 users. For now this upgrade can only be done from 1.6 - so I strongly advise doing the storage upgrade on 1.6 and then upgrading to 1.8.

Sorry for the hassle, but there was no way to unify the storage on your phone without wiping it, as such it can not be done in a “normal update”.

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You can now continue the discussion about the blog post Fairphone’s approach to software and ongoing support of the FP1(U) here