So which version of OS *do* I have? 1.8 or not?

My phone seems quite confused…It says it has 1.8, but thinks that the latest version is 1.6 and keeps trying to download it… Not sure if that is the wifi vs FP-Updater bug, (supposedly fixed in 1.8…) in which case perhaps it’s not 1.8, or is it the buggy 1.8 released last year?
If so, will it detect the re-released 1.8 “due soon”? and fix it?

Anyone with the same experience?
Any expectation it will it go away when with the re-release of 1.8?
Anything I can do to bring this along? As I would like to resolve this be offering the phone for resale.

Other screengrabs are available…


It probably is the

Because that release has been withdrawn, the latest official release is “1.6”. This should not be a problem as soons as the “new” 1.8 is released.

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Same here. I installed the 1.8 versions following all advices available. I think the updated should be smart enough not to promote the older 1.6 version as a “newer version”.

@apu42, I’d agree, though we realise there have been issues and some lessons learned with the 1.8 release, so I’m happy to give the team a pass on this one as long as it tidies up when the 1.8 is released.

Great, Thanks Ben.

Do we have an ETA for that yet?


No ETA, but it’s been in beta for a while now. We had on update to the beta some weeks ago with the last update from Fairphone exactly three weeks ago.

The main area of improvement has been the Fairphone Updater and there was still a decision to make how to release the update for best user experience. It might be there are still some complications but i would expect the “re-release” of 1.8 very soon.

To make something clear:

##The Fairphone Updater is not downloading anything, but indeed checking for updates.
The message is simply misleading.

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