So open OS . . . what does that mean?

So I think that I quite like the idea of an open source OS like /e/ for my fairphone 3.

  • But what will it mean for an old technophobic blacksmith like me?
  • And how do I start using it?
    Is it going to mean buggering around a lot with files, pressing buttons, covering it in the blood of a virgin by the summer solstice moon? Or something that us old crumbly humans can do?

For the first point, if you are not using banking apps or particularly attached to some apps that you find only in the play store, it would probably not be a big change in your daily phone usage. /e/ comes with a bunch of preinstalled apps like contacts, mail, magikearth, … and can be linked with the e cloud services. For the other apps, you would have to find apps in f-droid that replace your apps you downloaded in the play store. That’s it.
For the second point, there is an install tutorial which involves a bit of (easy) commands line. If you are confident enough, you can just copy-paste the commands (what I wouldn’t recommend, you better understand a littel what you’re doing unless you could brick your phone). E foundation is currently working on an automated install tool and it should be out in the next days. This would be the recommended solution for non technical users. It’s a just plug it, clic it and wait for the magic tool.


Thank you VolvoX an auto install button sounds more my style.


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