SMS using Silence: delivery delayed

I am using FP3 with Android 10 and Silence 0.15.13 for SMS. For the last 3 days I am experiencing very long delay time before receiving SMS (10 to 30 minutes). So I never can receive mobile TANs for ebanking. Any ideas?

I discovered the same problem today though I never had issues like that before.

I really think that it’s more a network problem than one regarding the FP itself. My current service provider is winSIM (Drillisch) in the German o2 network. What’s yours?

are you using Silence as well?
my network is yesss! in Austria

No, I don’t. Did you change any settings in the last couple of days (in the silence app or reg. Android settings)? If not my bet is still on network issues. Does your provider offer a website where you can check for any interferences?

I contacted my provider. They recommend to update the number of the SMS-Mitteilungszentrale (SMSC). They gave me the number, but where to enter?

Which software build does your FP3 run currently? Fairphone have done some recent updates regarding network carriers. See here:

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Thanks DeepSea, I updated to this patch level this morning. But my problem arose some days before - and did not change since.

Dial *#*#4636#*#* and choose “Phone information”, then scroll to the bottom.

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I did that already and restarted. Now I can now send SMS which are delivered in normal time. But receive is still heavily delayed.

Does it get better when you disable “Enhanced LTE”?


unfortunately it’s the same

Does the delay occur only with SMS messages sent from your e-banking service, or does that affect all SMS messages in general?


all SMS messages in general

You could check with the common SMS app. If this works without delay, I would file an issue in the Silence bug tracker:

unfortunately the common SMS app has disappeared from my phone. So I tried the Signal messenger. It works, but behaves the same.
Any idea how to get back the common SMS app? I suppose it’s a Google product.

Is it no longer listed in “Preferences” -> “Apps”? (I just want to make sure if the app itself or just the link in the launcher is missing.)

what would be the name of the app?

I think it is called “Messages”.

After I could send and receive SMS with my SIM card in another phone without delay, I looked for ‘messages’. It was deactivated on my phone. Now I had a positive test with this standard app. It looks like we have to live with Google.
Thanks for your help!

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You could give Signal a try. Aside from being a privacy respecting messenger you can use it as your standard SMS app as well.