SMS take a LONG time to receive

I have a very weird issue
1: SMS take a very long time to receive(!) Sending is ok, but receiving can easily take 5 or minutes.
2: Even when an SMS arrive, notifcations do not work
3: I have used several messaging apps and they all react the same.
4: Twice I did a hard reset of the phone, re-install all apps. After taht things worked ok for a few weeks, then it goes back to the long delays.
5: The messaging apps report ‘Too long to respond’ and occasionaly crash.
6: It is not a SIM issue: teh same card in an iPhone works.
Any ideas?

Not clear from (6) whether you used this SIM in iPhone prior to getting FP2 and if this is the case did you disable iMessaging upon it before changing over?



Yes, i did use it in iphone before, but i unregsiter d from imessage before transfering on the apple support webiste. Strangest thing if all, when i first set kup the phone it worked. It gradually became worse. Then i reset the phone, back to factory settings, and everything worked fine again. For a few weeks. And then the delay became larger and larger again. It is now at some 5 minutes. Also, the messaging app does not notify even if the sms was received. I have to go and check. I used the standard messaging app and Contacts+, both have the same issue.

To further complicate things, the phone now and then also looses all contact details. It then cant recognise incoming calls or if i click on a contact the app goes into stall for minutes. By switching the sms from contacts+ to the original android messaging app it looks like i got that problem tackled.

Sms source seems to be not a factor: it happens to all sms, no matter where from. And sms sending is not an issue either: they get delivered immediately. Unless insend one to myself…

I am sort of baffled. And hesistant to go through the hassle of setting up all my apps again…

It looks like I accidentially stumbled on the solution. I have a second SIM card in the phone. When it is locked, SMS on the active SIM card are delayed. Unlock the second SIM card (it appears it does not even have to e active!) and the problem is gone. Anyody has an explanation for this? It looks like I solved my issue.


Do you mean the unlocking by entering the PIN?

If yes, how can you keep the SIM card locked? I did not found a way to bypass the PIN dialog.

You find the SIM locking here:


  • Security
    • SIM card lock
      Tap on “Set up SIM card lock” and you can (de)activate it for both SIM cards individually.

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