SMS sending seems to fail, but messages are delivered several times


I added a new Portuguese SIM card to my Phone (FPU1) yesterday and afterwards (probably due to taking out the battery for 1 min) had to set time and date of the phone again, which had been reset to August 1st 2013.

Now, when I send SMS (using the standard app) with my usual, German SIM, it takes 1-2 minutes until I get a notification that sending had failed, and the messages are only marked as successfully sent after the 2nd or 3rd time I try. However, the recipients of my messages tell me they get these messages 2 or even 3 times. Receiving messages seems fine, though.

Interestingly, this doesn’t happen when I use the second, the Portuguese SIM.

Any way I can stop this behaviour without having to completely reset the phone? It’s such a hassle re-installing all the apps afterwards…

The fairphone OS is up to date.

Does this behaviour also occur if you switch the SIM card slots?

Hey, thank you for the idea, yes it also happens then. On top of it, I seem not to get all sms sent to me. Very annoying… does nobody have an idea?

Maybe the APN settings are not correctly set. Usually they should be set automatically, but sonetimes the get lost and this causes strange behaviour.
Search the forum for APN - there are some posts which describe problems and solutions with APN settings.

I don’t think that APN settings apply to SMS because they don’t need internet to be sent.

@Kathali my first guess would be to contact your operator and ask them to check if everything is OK on their side.

Then I’d try to get hold of another SIM of the same German operator and see, if the problem only occurs with your SIM, or any in the same network. If it’s the former, then you should get a new SIM card.

Thats true, APN is not correct in that case. I meant the “SMS-Center” (Kurzmitteilungszentralennummer) settings which are often described together with the APN settings.
E.g. list of austrian provider settings:

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What german provider do you use? Here is a list of some settings in germany:

Yes, I had checked the SMS-Center number, and it was correct. Currently, it seems to depend on whom I send messages, some go through fine, others don’t.

Base (E-Plus) has a (German) online repertory for SMS issues where it says that this behaviour can occur when sending messages from abroad/between countries. It seems to be caused by the fact that the message of the adressee confirming the receipt of the message gets lost on the way.

Since it doesn’t occur with the other SIM card and after changing SIM card slots, I would conclude that the problem isn’t caused by the phone itself and resetting it would bring no help.

Do you agree?

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Dear @Kathali,
I agree, it seems that this is a mobile provider issue and not a problem with the phone.
Sometimes the reason for delayed sms is also summer/winter time settings.

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