SMS sending problem with FP2 + LO17.1


I have a problem with sending SMS in LO17.1. After installing everything and using 2 SIM cards I wanted to leave the standard SMS app open. But when trying to send a SMS there was an error message like “no standard SMS app selected”.

So I hit the send button several times and tried different SMS/recipients.

Finally I gave up and set one of the SIM cards as standard. Then the real problem rose up, a warning message:

Sending a SMS will send a huge amount of SMS/MMS. Do you want to keep sending SMS?

So there seems to be a buffer with unsend SMS. My question is: How to clear this buffer/queue? (The OS is rooted, Ghost Commander installed…)

Thanks for your help!
Best peace

If you follow this path in a rooted file manager: /data/data/, and you open the file named bugle_db, you will find the android database for SMSes (I think it is this file). Though I don’t know if you will find the SMS queue you are looking for, nor do I know what changing this file may do. It is just a suggestion. :warning: Be careful if you modify anything
I have otherwise found an article promoting an application (though I have never tested it, idk if it works), idk if it can help (though seeing the age of the article, I have doubts, the android database file path was for android 4):

Then, I would suggest, as an easier thing, to install an alternative SMS app (QKSMS, or Silence), and see whether they manage to send SMSes correctly. Though, if it is a problem with the android database, it will probably be the same.

Dear Alex,
thanx a lot. Now I tried this, deleted the file bugle_db and rebooted the system (the file mmssms* I didn*ft find). All messages are gone as desired, but the problematic message appears again, when I try to send a SMS.
So for me, there are 2 possibilities:

  • there is another file, witch contains the sending buffer (i.e. in data/data/ is just an empty cache folder).
  • the error message is based on another file/information which I didn’t delete. If this is the point, then it is unclear if there will really a lot of message be sent or not?
    An other tip would be great!
    best, peace
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And in data/data/, there is wappush.db, that you could try suppressing (consider copying it, if ever you break anything, if you didn’t already think about it). I don’t know what it does either.

ok, thanx, that is interesting! I do not have such a folder, just ‘cache’ and ‘code_cache’ folders and no files there. So this could not solve my problem - but maybe I do not have any problem beside the message. Maybe I just say yes and look what happens… If there will be 50 SMS sent it might confuse the recipients and cost some Euros…
best, peace

Well then, I could send you a copy of my file (by email for instance) and you create a folder named databases and paste the file in it. I also have a file named wappush-journal.db, empty file. This might solve your problem. What do you think?
Otherwise, you may try to send these SMSes, if you have unlimited SMS and MMS, and you don’t mind the possibility of people asking why they received an SMS from you.

Good idea, so I cheat LOS and try it with your files. Can you send them via PM? If this is not working, I’ll send the messages… I’ll come back here for information about the results in about 2 days.
Thanx again,
best, peace

No problem, I’ll do that. I have LOS 17.1 as well btw.

Edit: hmmm… I can’t send the file via DM, because the .db extension isn’t authorized. I could change it to .jpg to send it and you convert it back. Not sure it will work tough. I think sending via email stays the best option.

Hey Alex,
thank you very much!
All the database files did not work out - as you guessed. I have checked a sqlite db-editor to read the content of the databases. And in non of them was the sms buffer of my former messages. As well in the mmssms.db in the (correct) folder data/user_xx/0/

As well your files didn’t change anything after a reboot. So finally I assume, that the message, saying a lot of messages will be sent, is based on another ‘counter’ which doesn’t necessarily contains the messages itself.
Now I accepted the ‘spam’ SMS as far as I know, this did not send a lot of SMS. May be a few - but nobody complained up to now. If there were really several messages sent, I come back here after I got my invoice.
Merci beaucoup!

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