SMS send button works only in landscape view

Hi there. On one of our 2 fairphones in the family me made the update to 1.8. And a while or maybe directly after that, the send button for sms only works in landscape view. It doesn’t matter if the keyboard is popped up or not. So we downgraded to 1.6 (1.7 had download problems). But that did not help. And it also is not a matter of the display section or something like that, because all other apps react on touching in this area.
Any Ideas how to fix that?

(And we resetted the whole device to the factory settings and deleted all data.)

I just tried the sms function with landscape view (never had used it)…

but it works (I’m at 1,8 on a fp1U)

Could you run the touch screen test, as explained in this post, and post back about your experience?

Merry Christmas!

Hi Stefan
Thank you for the link. We’ve checked this out. See the Image attached.
At the specific area of the send button position, the screen seems to be okay.
What do you think?

I have never heard, that a FP user has problems with their SMS app’s send button. A workaround would be to install an alternative SMS app like SMSdroid from F-Droid.

Yep, why not. We use Texta now and we will see, if something changes after the next upgrade.

I have exactly the same problem. Also in other apps, the send button does not work. I still haven’t found a solution.

Hi again,

I have done the touch screen test, and I believe that there is a hardware problem in both my case and the case of jwssnr. On jwssnr’s picture, you can see that the lines show different patterns at the right of the screen. The same happens in my case. I drew lines vertically, but when I drew a line close to the right of the screen but a little bit away from the border, the line moved completely to the border of the screen.

hi btierens
meanwhile our phone has been sent to the service center because this is a hardware issue.
go on to the support and report your problem.

kind regards